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Litz brings Local Government, Small Business, and Conservation Experience to the Table.

   Jo Ellen is a 5-term Lebanon County Commissioner who is the Boots on the Ground for local government implementing programs to Protect Children, Serve Families, Secure Justice, Manage Emergencies, and Safeguard Elections.  In short, Commissioner Litz Safeguards the Public Trust.

Whether it was the 2004 Campbelltown Tornado, Tropical Storm Lee in 2011, Jonas 30" Snowstorm 2016 , or the Summer Storm of 2018,

I've been here for you.

Litz was elected by her peers from across the state of Pennsylvania to serve as the 2012 president and 2013 chairman of the Board for the statewide commissioner's association. 

Litz is about starting a conversation from public structures like roads and bridges, water and sewer, schools, and energy.  A sound infrastructure is the basis of a sound economy.  Litz believes we need these Economy Boosting Jobs to put money into the pockets of people so that they can buy homes, cars, and goods.  Litz supports a transportation plan to make our roads and bridges safe.  In this way, we will create good paying jobs, get people to these jobs, our goods to market, and children to schools. 

Jo Ellen served as the chair of the MPO (2012-15)--Metropolitan Planning Organization for Lebanon County--where she helps to prioritize local road and bridge projects with PennDOT and the Federal Highway Administration. 

Keep Litz doing the People's Business.


As We Ignite our Generation 2015 - Duration- 3 minutes, 59 seconds


County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz speaks to voters- Duration- 78 seconds


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Litz Co Commercial Rentals, 1.386 acre Property Available with established Rt 422 access & curb cuts.  Out of the flood plain.  Shovel ready with public water, sewer, electricity, gas & cable.  Zoned C2 General Commercial in N Lebanon Twp.  Another fast growing municipality, N Cornwall Twp is across Route 422.  Drone tour of subject site:


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Sincerely, Jo Ellen

People Above Politics

Team Litz:  Treasurer, Cathy Garrison

Honorary Chair:     Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll --a woman who broke the glass ceiling and contributed greatly to PA politics; born in 1930, died November 12, 2008.

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Lebanon County Planning Department
Room 206
Municipal Building
400 South Eight Street
Lebanon, PA 17042
(717)274-2801, ext. 2325
Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Pre-requisites for building Plans

Traffic County

Julie Cheyney is the head of the Lebanon County Planning Department. 

In 1987, Lebanon County published an interim plan for future development.   It was labeled "interim" since it was designed as a transition document to update the 1970 plan.  In December 2007, a new Comprehensive Plan was adopted for Lebanon County.

You may apply for a Building and Zoning Permit for the following municipalities in Lebanon County:

bulletEast Hanover
bulletNorth Annville
bulletNorth Cornwall
bulletNorth Lebanon
bulletNorth Londonderry
bulletSouth Annville
bulletSouth Lebanon
bulletWest Cornwall
bulletWest Lebanon

Fee schedule approved Resolution 3-23-00 Subject to revision:

A) Each subdivision or land development plan application shall be accompanied by the required review and recording fees. Fees are payable at the time of plan submission and plan processing, approval and recording shall not be completed until all required fees are paid. There is no refund or credit of fees or a portion of fees when the subdivider or developer withdraws a plan during the review process or if approval is denied.

B1) Minor subdivision, not involving new lots: FINAL PLAN $125.00.

2) Minor and Major Subdivision or Land Development with new lots/units:

Number of lots/units                 Preliminary Plan Fee            Final Plan Fee

1 $200 $150
2-5 $400 $300
6-10 $600 $400
11-20 $800 $600
21-50 $1000 $800
51-100 $1200 $1000
101-200 $1400 $1200
201+ $1600 +$3/lot/unit over 200 $1400 + $3/lot/unit over 200

Land Development Plan: Commercial, Industrial, Institutional….

            Acres - Plan Review Fee

bullet0-2         $300
bullet2.01-5 $500
bullet5.01-10 $700
bullet10.01-15 $1000
bullet15.01-25 $1500
bullet25.01+ $2500

C Municipal Fees must also be paid to the municipality for approval or disapproval of the plan.

D Engineer Review Fees: All applications involving storm water management or engineering review shall be accompanied by fees, payable to the County Engineer (H Edward Black & Associates), as follows:

For review of subdivision and land development plans and requests for inspections:

  1 lot-unit 2-5 lots/units 6-19 lots/units 20-49 lots/units 50-99 lots/units
100 or more lots/units
Preliminary Plans $100/lot/unit $70/lot/unit $60/lot/unit $50/lot/unit $40/lot/unit
Final Plans $100/lot/unit $60/lot/unit $50/lot/unit $40/lot/unit $30/lot/unit
Inspections $100/lot/unit $70/lot/unit $60/lot/unit $50/lot/unit $40/lot/unit

For review of commercial, industrial, or institutional land developments, resubmitted plans, inspections, and other plans which don’t qualify for the per lot or unit rate:

A base fee is required for review or inspection based on site acreage. An additional hourly fee is charged for reviews/inspections requiring excess time over the base fee.

0-10 acres $400 up to 4 hours

10.01-20 acres $1000 up to 10 hours

20.01 or more acres $2,000 up to 20 hours

An hourly rate of $95 per hour of County Engineer review or inspection time.

E Recording Fee: $27 for the first four pages, and $5 per page thereafter.

Building and Zoning Permit Fees

Permit fees are based on your actual cost of construction in accordance with the following scale:
                        Construction Cost                              Fee
                            $0 - $1,000                                      $10

(Add $1.00 for every $1,000 or fraction thereof of construction cost over $1,000)

You may also purchase a copy of township or borough ordinances from the Planning Department.

Building Code Checklist

Before application, please check the following items that apply with the appropriate officials:

bulletPlat Plan
bulletSewage Permit (On-Lot, Public Tap-On)
bulletPublic Water Connection Permit
bulletLabor & Industry Approval (Commercial and Public Construction, Multi-Family Dwelling)
bulletPlumbing Permit
bulletCurb and/or Sidewalk Permit
bulletBuilding Code Permit
bulletRoad Encroachment Permit (State,Local)
bulletSubdivision Approval
bulletLand Development Approval
bulletTransfer of Ownership
bulletAnimal Waste Storage Facility Permit
bulletWorker's Compensation Insurance Certificate

During the 1950's, a few of the 26 municipalities in Lebanon County enacted zoning regulations as a tool to facilitate orderly development and also to aid other laws in the protection of the public health, safety and welfare.  Today, all municipalities have adopted their own zoning laws. Of these municipalities, 19 have taken advantage of a service provided by the Lebanon County Commissioners, namely, the enforcement of their own laws by the Lebanon County Planning Department.  The County, in this relationship, works for the townships and boroughs listed above.  The decision-making process used by the staff of the Department is limited to authority granted by the municipality through its respective ordinances. The features of the ordinances that are held in common are listed on this page for the convenience of applicants; other commonly asked questions relevant to enforcement are answered in below.


What kinds of work require a building and zoning permit?
Generally, a change in use of a building or land; construction of a building;
any alteration in size or shape of an existing building; a home occupation;
a sign or; removal or relocation of a building.

What kinds of work are exempted form permits?
The following generalizations may not apply in all cases; however, these are examples of exempted work: painting; re-roofing; and installing siding; which do not change the principal use of or add a new use to the building.
However, please take note
There is no exemption for work less than a particular construction cost.
There is no exemption for a building smaller than a particular size.
There is no exemption for a temporary building or use as opposed to a permanent one.

What information is necessary when applying?
Usually, an applicant should be prepared with a plat plan, the size and estimated cost of the building or addition, the materials to be utilized in construction, the contractor's name and address, exact location of property, and any necessary preliminary permits or prerequisites, (see checklist). The fee is determined by the estimated construction cost (see permit fees).

When should I apply for my permit and how long is it valid?
Application should be made weeks in advance, not to exceed 90 days before work is to begin. Permits are generally valid for one to two years and must be renewed thereafter.

What if my plans change after the permit is issued?
Contact should be made with the Department as soon as possible.  Most minor corrections do not require new permits.

Will the estimated construction cost result in an equal increase in my tax assessment?
Not necessarily; the tax is determined by a body of entirely different and separate laws which are completely independent of zoning regulations, (see the Assessment Office for further information).

Do I need to build according to any building code?
Building Codes are becoming a reality in a growing number of municipalities. If codes apply in your area, a separate building code permit is required. Department Officials can explain requirements and procedures.

What about fences, chimneys, bay windows, swimming pools, tennis courts. . .?
The items mentioned above and many others are treated differently for each municipality.  It is best to contact the Department with specific questions.

Why drive to Lebanon for a permit?
The office hours are ample and convenient for most.  Also, other County offices are nearby which can provide additional information (often not kept at home or within easy access) which may be necessary to process your permit.

How much does it cost my municipality for enforcement services?
The service is provided at no cost to the municipality.  Permit fees paid by applicants are retained by the County to cover the expenses of operation.



bulletSubdivision and land development regulations exist under the authorization of the PA Municipalities Planning code.  The purpose of the ordinances are to guide and regulate the planning, subdividing, and development of land in accordance with established standards.  Subdivision is defined as the division or re-division of land for transfer or lease, including any change to existing lot lines.   Land development involves improvement of a lot with a non-residential building, a group of two or more residential or non-residential buildings and, in many cases, building or paving projects in excess of 20,000 square feet.
bulletSubdivision or land development requires the submission and approval of a formal subdivision or land development plan prepared by a Surveyor or Engineer and submitted to the County Planning Department and your local Township, Borough, or City to obtain approval.
bulletIndividuals wanting to subdivide or develop land should start with a simple drawing of the property involved, showing the existing and proposed conditions.  Discussion with County Planing Department personnel and Township/Borough staff, especially the subdivision planners and zoning officers, will provide basic guidelines and advice for design.
bulletIf a decision is made to proceed with formal preparation of a subdivision or land development plan, a Surveyor or Engineer should be contacted.  Allow plenty of lead time as field work, plan preparation and plan processing often take three to four months or more.
bulletDepending on the subdivision or land development design options considered, your Surveyor or Engineer may start with a formal sketch plan which will be reviewed by County Planning Department personnel and Township/Borough staff for compliance with applicable requirements.
bulletThe next step is actual site work by the Surveyor, Engineer and his associates.   Site investigation may include surveying, engineering, sewage testing, contour mapping, utility layout...  Following completion of the field work, the Surveyor or Engineer will draft a subdivision or land development plan for submission, including all associated documents and reports.
bulletThe subdivision or land development plan is submitted to the county Planning Department and Township/Borough, along with application and recording fees, to begin the plan approval process.  The plan is assigned a number so it can be reviewed in the numerical order submitted.  Staff reviewing the plan will evaluate it for compliance with zoning and subdivision ordinances and good planning principles.  Additionally, where applicable, reviews will also be coordinated with the County Conservation District, Penn DOT, Sewage Enforcement officer, Zoning Officer, County Engineer, Department of Environmental Protection,....  Review and approval signatures on the plan must be obtained from the County Planning Department, Township/Borough Governing Body, Township/Borough Planning Commission and County Engineer.
bulletAt the end of the plan approval process, prior to formal approval and recording, the subdivider or land developer must pay the required inspection fees and provide a financial guarantee (letter of credit, escrow account, or similar document) to the approving County or Township/Borough entity to insure the construction of required plan improvements such as streets, curbing, sidewalks, storm water facilities, mandatory paved areas,....
bulletUpon completion of the approval process, the subdivision or land development plan is recorded with the Recorder of Deeds and County Planning Department Offices.  Approval of a final subdivision plan permits transfer of the lot(s) and authorizes the initiation of construction.  Therefore, the required permits may be obtained (Sewage, Zoning, building,...) and development may proceed.  Where a financial guarantee has been posted for any site improvements, the developer should contact the inspecting Engineer, as listed on the subdivision or land development plan, for inspection approval of any completed work to facilitate release of the financial security.
bulletPlease contact the Lebanon County Planning Department from 8:30 AM to 4:40 PM, Monday through Friday at Room 206, Municipal Building, 400 S. 8th St., Lebanon PA  17042 or by phone at 274-2801 ext. 2325.