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Litz brings Local Government, Small Business, and Conservation Experience to the Table.

   Jo Ellen is a 5-term Lebanon County Commissioner who is the Boots on the Ground for local government implementing programs to Protect Children, Serve Families, Secure Justice, Manage Emergencies, and Safeguard Elections.  In short, Commissioner Litz Safeguards the Public Trust.

Whether it was the 2004 Campbelltown Tornado, Tropical Storm Lee in 2011, or the 30" 2016 Snowstorm Jonas,

I've been here for you.

Litz was elected by her peers from across the state of Pennsylvania to serve as the 2012 president and 2013 chairman of the Board for the statewide commissioner's association. 

Litz is about starting a conversation from public structures like roads and bridges, water and sewer, schools, and energy.  A sound infrastructure is the basis of a sound economy.  Litz believes we need these Economy Boosting Jobs to put money into the pockets of people so that they can buy homes, cars, and goods.  Litz supports a transportation plan to make our roads and bridges safe.  In this way, we will create good paying jobs, get people to these jobs, our goods to market, and children to schools. 

Jo Ellen served as the chair of the MPO (2012-15)--Metropolitan Planning Organization for Lebanon County--where she helps to prioritize local road and bridge projects with PennDOT and the Federal Highway Administration. 

Keep Litz doing the People's Business.


As We Ignite our Generation 2015 - Duration- 3 minutes, 59 seconds


County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz speaks to voters- Duration- 78 seconds


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Team Litz:  Treasurer, Cathy Garrison

Honorary Chair:     Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll --a woman who broke the glass ceiling and contributed greatly to PA politics; born in 1930, died November 12, 2008.

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2015 Commissioner Meeting Highlights


The 2016 Budget Discussion and Vote followed by a January Reopener Motion - Duration- 9 minutes, 34 seconds

During the final meeting of the year, all but one of around 20 people spoke against a 40% tax increase.  In the end, on a 2-1 vote, with Commissioner Litz voting Nay, a 32% tax increase was implemented.  The .8 millage increase will bring total County Real Estate tax millage to .0032925, and provide an additional $7.5M in revenue.  An average home valued at $169,000 will see a County Real Estate Tax Increase of $135.

Ken Napsinger asks Commissioner Litz how to avoid a 40% Tax Increase - Duration- 10 minutes

Litz explained her stance that a tax increase is not necessary:


         The money from the sale of Cedar Haven belongs to the people;


         It is the end of the year, and all of the County bills should be paid;


   Section 1783 of the County Code found in Purdons Statutes states, "The Budget shall reflect as nearly as possible the estimated revenues and expenditures for the year for which it is prepared."


         $8.1M is currently in reserve fund from the sale of Cedar Haven.

10% of the General Fund totals $4.5M, a sufficient amount to avoid a TRAN--tax revenue anticipation note--like the loan taken out last year to pay bills during the first three months of 2016 before people start paying their Real Estate taxes in April;


$8.1-$4.5= $3.6M reduction in the Reserve Fund can be used by the General Fund, if necessary;



          $3.5M was fronted by Lebanon County for State mandated Human Services, and should be returned as soon as the State budget passes;


         $275,000 in Court reimbursement should come in after the State passes their budget;


         $1,301,377 in refunds from insurance pools, barring a catastrophic loss;


         $900,000 CD for 12.2 payroll;


         $623,814.21 in retirement reimbursements were received through October, and were not included in the 2015 budget, which would have been a carry-over into 2016;


         $98,748 Act 17A may be due Lebanon County;


         $342,000 of unbudgeted miscellaneous income was received;


         Section 1782.1--"During the month of January next following any municipal election the commissioners of any county may amend the budget and the levy and tax rate to conform with its amended budget.  A period of ten days' public inspection at the office of the chief clerk of the proposed amended budget, after notice by the chief clerk to that effect is published once in a newspaper as provided in section 110 of this act, shall intervene between the proposed amended budget, and the adoption thereof.  Any amended budget must be adopted by county commissioners on or before the fifteenth day of February." 

Therefore, Commissioner Litz moved to reopen the budget in January.  The motion failed 2-1.  Phillips said to wait until next year when commissioners are sworn in to vote on reopening the budget.  Litz said the motion can be done this year and next year to let the public know that the budget will be revisited.

The People Speak:


George Horn calls for a County Tax Increase - Duration- 69 seconds


Bill Meiser speaks Against a 40% Tax Increase - Duration- 102 seconds


Mark Perez is dismayed at a 40% Tax Increase - Duration- 116 seconds


Realtor Amy Schmidt opposes a 40% Tax Increase - Duration- 2 minutes, 25 seconds


Barry Long says Let the Government know when they are Wrong - Duration- 3 minutes, 28 seconds


Dan Sidelnick asks commissioners to reconsider the 40% tax hike - Duration- 80 seconds


Richard White asks about outsourcing the Prison - Duration- 3 minutes, 29 seconds


Martin Barondick and Jack Stouffer say people should attend meetings - Duration- 2 minutes, 13 seconds


Cheryl Kulp believes renters will pay more too - Duration- 42 seconds


Lois Herr and another woman address commissioners - Duration- 76 seconds


Jake Long and Amy Shirk and another man ask for tax relief - Duration- 4 minutes, 57 seconds

An annual Retirement Board meeting also took place.  The fund pays 4.5% interest, and is at the 180th Class mandating that employees contribute 7% of their wages to the pension.  Refunds to former employees, death benefits, and 2015 retired person's pensions were approved.  An IRS Determination Letter was also presented. 

Because counties throughout the State are experiencing audits of their pension funds, for a clear audit trail to comply with GASBY and IRS rules, Commissioner Litz requested that minutes from quarterly performance reviews, which are listed as Retirement Board in the general minutes of the commissioners, be included as official Retirement Board minutes instead.  Controller Mettley made assurances to keep minutes as suggested.

Next, Commissioner Litz moved to approve ARC payments totaling $7,085,215 for 2014 and 2015.  Administrator Wolgemuth asked for time to research whether or not the payments were previously voted upon.  Litz agreed.  Because the payments came from the sale of Cedar Haven, and were not included in the 2014 annual budget, for a clean audit trail, if not already done so, an ARC must be voted upon separately from other bills.  If votes are needed, they will occur to clean up business from 2015 at the Sine Die meeting when commissioners are sworn in for their new term on January 4, 2016.  Please note:  Special thanks to Administrator Wolgemuth for finding a vote to pay the ARC at the end of the 2014 minutes, and on page 63 of the 2015 budget, which was completed in 2014, a line item including the 2015 ARC.

Finally, appointments were made to the MH.ID.EI Board.




·         Total inmates 519


·         Unsentenced 281


·         Work Release 40


·         State Sentenced 23


·         Parole/Probation Violators 243


·         DJ Sentenced 5


·         Common Pleas Sentenced 20



Lt. Colonel Dale Waltman presents “Back at the Gap.” 

Back at the Gap 12 17 2015 - Duration- 4 minutes, 2 seconds


·         There are nearly one million veterans in the State of PA.


·         DMVA.PA.Gov is a veterans registry that will be shared with County Veterans Directors, and to sign up for benefits. 


·         The $525 bonus was extended through 8.31.2018 for the Persian Gulf Conflict veterans program.


·         "Pennsylvania DMVA" now has a YouTube channel for information highlighting veterans benefits and the six State homes. 


·         The 1st and 3rd Wednesdays in Building 17, Room 104 at the Lebanon VA Medical Center,   January 14 at the Farm Show, and January 15 at Cabellos from 9AM-4PM, veterans can talk to veteran service officers for help with issues . 


·         As always, call 717.861.2007 for the comment line or for information.

Presenting statements and remarks on the County budget were:


·         Daniel Sidelnick Dan Sidelnick on the 40% tax hike - Duration- 5 minutes, 38 seconds


·         Bob Griffith Bob Griffiths on the 40% tax hike - Duration- 6 minutes, 1 second


·         Scott Waltermeyer Scott Waltermeyer on the 40% tax hike from the 2016 budget - Duration- 49 seconds


·         Bunnie Yinger  Bunnie Yinger on the 40% hike in County tax - Duration- 36 seconds

Michelle Edris presented the Court Professionals union contract with Teamsters Local 429 mandatory arbitration terms for approval.

Angie Foltz presents a 27 acre farm easement donation for preservation - Duration- 2 minutes, 50 seconds

Angie Foltz presented a farmland preservation easement donation.  The County will pay a ceremonial $1 as well as survey and attorney fees of $2717.65 for 27 acres located at 800 Louser Rd (Fontana), Annville, and valued at $5040 per acre for a total value of $136,080.  This is the 14th farmland easement bringing the total to over 500 acres donated to Lebanon County through the preservation program.

Farmers Market vouchers for Seniors - Duration- 82 seconds

Area Agency on Aging Director Carol Davies received approval to participate in the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition program, which will provide 1250 vouchers in the spring.

Child Abuse Investigators get workspace renovations - Duration- 4 minutes, 59 seconds

Children and Youth Director James Holtry received approval for first quarter invoices. Also, a $69,307.69 contract to redo the caseworker intake unit to meet demands for two new case workers resulting from dozens of new laws after the Sandusky hearings was approved unanimously.  To include moving electrical lines…, the State will provide an additional $105,000 for the project with 25% County match.

Prothonotary Barb Smith presented a bank account resolution to open a new interest bearing account to combine two accounts, one of which was not covered by federal insurance, and appeared as an audit finding. 

MH/ID/EI Director Kevin Schrum and Drug and Alcohol Director James Donmoyer presented a HealthChoices Behavioral Health Contract Agreement for approval.  Further, $19,830 in 2014-15, and $39,925 in 2015-16 amendments were approved.  Finally, commissioners approved a supports coordinator for case management in Intellectual Disabilities

Pictometry Flyover of Lebanon County approved - Duration- 6 minutes, 5 seconds

Daniel Seaman, Chief of Assessments, and Cherie Brown, GIS Director, received approval on a contract with Pictometry to flyover the County two times in six years to capture buildings from all four sides.  In addition, the new software will include “Change Finder”, which highlights new additions and buildings since the last flyover, and will have the capacity to share with municipalities.  Fire, police, and ambulance will have the capacity to inspect a building before arrival by connecting to a web browser.  Municipalities have agreed to cost-share 50 cents per parcel.  MPO will also contribute $10,000.The total cost of the flyover and software is $223,562.50.  The last flyover was in 2008, with an addition in 2011.  The price is below contract because of joining with Berks, Dauphin Lancaster, and Schuykill counties, which will also make border parcels available to us and adjoining counties.

Group Homes sold at auction - Duration- 3 minutes, 3 seconds

Purchasing Agent Dennis Firestone reported that the Group Homes received bids of $53,500 from Michael Mason, Palmyra, for the Maple St property, and from Dave Solleberger, $90,000 for the Horseshoe Pike property.

Community Action Partnership received approval of a $14,800 CDBG award to assist Hope Shelter.

Commissioners also approved a $70,716 Harris Systems maintenance contract for the Radio System.


Tom Kotay updated the MPO on the Cornwall Center Multimodal Transportation Study and the TIP Financial Report.  Meeting dates for the new year were established.

Jon Fitzkee reported on PennDOT's Regional Transit Consolidation Study, Phase 2.

BOARD OF ASSESSMENT AND REVIEW began at 1:30 PM, and ran through 4PM.

December 4, 2015

Lt Col Dale Waltman shared a report from "Back at the Gap."  Someone shined a laser into the cockpit of a helicopter. Anyone with information on this activity, please contact the Gap.  Also, December 12 is Wreaths Across America when veterans graves are adorned for the holidays.  Finally, the Gap keeps 4500 acres in native grasses.  3000 of these acres are burned off annually, which preserves butterfly and other wildlife habitat.

Assessment Chief Dan Seaman presented two 100% disabled veterans for real estate tax exemption. 

2016 Lebanon County Budget - Duration- 21 minutes

On a 2 to 1 vote, the 2016 Lebanon County Budget went on display with a one mill or $9,475,000 tax increase.  Commissioner Litz argued that the $8.1M reserve, which came from the sale of Cedar Haven and belongs to the People,  is too high (CCAP recommends 10% of the General Fund or $4.5M while an alternate industry standard is 5%-15% of the entire budget.  5% of $73M is less--$3.65M.  One other method calculates expenses during the first three months of the year $11.25M before real estate tax starts coming in, but other reimbursements are received during this period rendering this a liberal calculation).  Next, the prison population can be reduced, thus the budget, with a day reporting center, and we can do better. 

Quoting a letter received from Newmanstown resident Karl Koch, "There are many young people that would like to own their own home, but can't with the price of housing and the skyrocketing taxes.  Then go and talk with the elderly who are afraid they can't pay their taxes, or that they will lose the place that they worked for all of their lives.  I believe it is time that the leadership of our public systems get control of their greed, and start having a love and concern for their fellow people in this great land that we live....  My question is "How much do we really need, or is this just wants?"


·         With the prison population rising to 550 inmates, the single largest budget item coming from the General Fund is the prison at $9.3M. 


·         Reimbursable expenses from the overall $73,000,567 budget include the ARC at $3.6M, insurance at $9.3M, and Children and Youth and Juvenile Placement at $2.8M. 


·         $1.8M was included to upgrade IT. 


·         "yellow flag" of caution is raised concerning the State Budget, which does NOT currently include the fourth quarter reimbursement for Children and Youth expenses.  In fact, putting our most vulnerable citizens at risk, our children, families, and seniors, over $2M of state mandated services, which have not been reimbursed by the State as promised, have been fronted by the County to date.  


·         The final vote on the County budget will occur on Christmas Eve, December 24.


·         One other meeting, December 17, is also scheduled where people can be heard. 


·         Commissioner meetings are held at 9:30AM in the courthouse, 2nd floor, right off of the elevator to the end of the short hall. You can call ahead to be placed on the agenda, or after registered people are heard, other people are given the floor.

PEOPLE HAVE ASKED HOW TO CALCULATE the County real estate taxes per the example.  A house valued at $169,000 x .0024925 mills = $421.23 and at $169,000 x .0034925 mills = $590.23 in County real estate taxes. You can insert your assessed value into the formulas to figure out what your personal County real estate taxes are or will be.

Next, THE 40% IS CALCUATED by taking the 2.4925 mills x .40 (40%) = .98 or the one mill of property tax increase. 2.4925 + 1 = 3.4925 mills.

A Boardwalk is coming to Governor Dick - Duration- 5 minutes, 44 seconds

Chuck Allwein explains how a Boardwalk into the woods will be added at Governor Dick to accommodate people with disabilities to go out over the boulders to see the 1100 acre property in Mt. Gretna, Lebanon County.  SICO, former co-property managers, contributed $75,000 to make the Boardwalk, which is in the engineering phase, a reality.  As part of the late Clarence Shock's wishes expressed in his will, deer Hunting is NOT allowed in the Park.

Marcellus Shale Grant for Deer Exclusion Fencing at Governor Dick - Duration- 4 minutes, 56 seconds

Chuck Allwein also summarized how Marcellus Shale Grant money was used at Governor Dick to install deer-evasion fencing to allow the forest to regenerate.  With the State Game Lands next door, deer often hang out at Governor Dick until the season is over.  Commissioners will plan to hold a meeting at Governor Dick in the coming months. 

Sally Barry presents a Probation grant for reimbursement

Sally Barry presented a Juvenile Grant-in-Aid program application and agreement for approval.

Redevelopment Authority CDBG Project Authorization

Dan Lyons and Betsy Bowman presented a CDBG resolution and cooperation agreement for approval.  Commissioner Phillips abstained from the vote, which included Volunteers in Medicine to receive funding.  Phillips represents the Dixon Foundation at VIM.


Following a recommendation by Rita Reynolds, the IT manager for CCAP, Management Information Services MIS was renamed Information Technology Services ITS.

Tom Ditzler Jr was appointed to the Drug and Alcohol Board.

Controller Bob Mettley presented bids from a Request for Proposal for an auditing firm.  He recommended Reinsel Kuntz and Lesher's bid of $247,500 over three years. 

An IRS determination letter is coming.  Cambria County is undergoing an audit, which is focusing on their pension plan. 

Community YouTubes:

Erik Arneson with the Office of Open Records addresses CCAP

Lebanon Community Theater Christmas Meddley - Duration- 3 minutes, 11 seconds

Need a Little Christmas - Duration- 2 minutes, 20 seconds

November 19, 2015

The prison has a population of 547; 448 males and 99 females, which includes:


·     Unsentenced inmates total 263.


·     Work release inmates total 47.


·     State sentenced inmates total 23.


·     Parole/Probation Violators total 237.


·     District Judge sentenced total 12.


·     Court of Common Pleas sentenced total 34.

Pipeline Awareness on a Public Meeting Citizen Inspectors and Eminent Domain 11 2015 - Duration- 15 minutes

Ann Pinca and Michael Schroeder, Pipeline Awareness, addressed the commissioners concerning a public meeting with Sunoco and Williams to answer questions; receive support for citizen inspectors; requests for the County to update their website pipeline page; and notification of eminent domain hearings being held on five cases where people said they don't want to sell additional right-of-way to Sunoco.  Three of these cases are from Heidelberg Township (Homes for America, Heath and Brenda Neil, and Gerald and Katherine Thomas) and were consolidated to one hearing because they have the same attorney.  These three cases will be heard  in Lebanon County by Judge Robert Eby on November 30, 2015 at 8:30AM in Courtroom 4; a case with Roy & Janice Smith on December 14 at 8:30AM in Courtroom 1, also Heidelberg Township; and a case with NHT TT Inc F/K/A Thousand Trails, S Annville, on January 8, 2016 at 8:30AM in Courtroom 2.  Pinca and Schroeder also inquired about videotaping entire meetings. 

Lt. Colonel Dale Waltman reported on "Back at the Gap."  151 deer and 101 pheasants were taken from FIG grounds. 

For due diligence, Commissioner Litz requested that the activity journal concerning the balance from the sale of Cedar Haven be included in the written treasurer's report.

Commissioners approved a tax collection agreement with Jonestown Borough.  Treasurer Sallie Neuin's office performs this service to the community.

Group Home Auctions December 14 at 2 and 4 pm - Duration- 3 minutes, 35 seconds

At no cost to the County, Bering Group was approved to auction two of the former County group homes, with minimum bid requirements, on December 14.  39 Maple St., Lebanon is assessed at $61,600, and 1629 Horseshoe Pike, Annville, is assessed at $122,400.

Mike Battistelli and Bret Holland reported on the County pension fund, which stands at $115,157,491 after withdrawals in excess of $5M and contributions of $13 million from the sale of Cedar Haven.  They introduced Wayne Knowles, Confluence Investment, who now holds a Large Cap investment for the County.  Retired employees Linda Boyer and Ed Arnold were on hand to listen to the retirement fund report.

Commissioners received an email from the PA Farm Bureau requesting that commissioners adopt a resolution concerning a lawsuit filed by the Bureau against the EPA.  The motion passed with Litz abstaining due to additional questions.

Community YouTubes:

Veterans Day at Fisher Park 2015 - Duration- 10 minutes

Mike Willeman on Bordner Cabin Labor and Industry upgrades - Duration- 33 minutes

November 5, 2015

Lt. Colonel Dale Waltman provided a "Back at the Gap" report.  Fort Indiantown Gap received two environmental awards, one for mitigating a WWII landfill on their grounds; and one for WWII Munitions mitigation on State Game Lands 211.  FIG also received a second-place award for working with Zoo America and the Gettysburg Battlefield to establish additional habitat for the Regal Frittilary butterfly.

During Personnel Transactions, to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, Commissioner Litz recused herself from voting on the promotion of Tina Verna to Training Officer at the Lebanon County Correctional Facility.  Tina is a distant relative.  The vote passed with Commissioner Litz abstaining.

What do you think the face of Homelessness looks like?  Commissioners passed a proclamation in recognition of Hunger Homelessness Awareness month.

Assessment Chief Dan Seaman presented two disabled veterans for real estate tax exemption. 

Julie Cheyney was approved as a signatory on Delegation Agreements with DEP's Bureau of Water Quality Management. 

Due to a new position with HACC, Lauren Holubec was reappointed to the Workforce Investment Board WIB.

Appointments were made to both the Destination Marketing Organization (Tourist Bureau) and the Lebanon County Conservation District.  The majority of appointments passed unanimously.  Jeffrey Hughes replaces Phil Feather.  Melody Vincent replaces Pam Tricamo, and Pat Kerwin replaces Tom Siegel.  Further, Ken Spatz and Ray Maillet were appointed to serve three year terms on the DMO.   Lebanon County collects the Hotel Tax, which funds the Tourist Bureau.  Rather than step aside, Commissioner Ames said that he will continue to serve on the Board come January 1, 2016.  Believing this would be a conflict of interest, Commissioner Litz voted nay to the appointment of his wife to the same Board.  The motion passed 2 to 1.  

Glenn Krall was unanimously appointed to fill the seat of Farmer Director on the Lebanon County Conservation District Board.  Litz nominated Karen Feather for Public Director, but the motion died for lack of a second.  Don Bollinger was then nominated for Public Director.  Commissioner Litz pointed out that he makes decisions that impact a relative's pay.  Therefore, she voted nay.  The motion passed 2  to 1.

Appointments were made to the Children and Youth Board:  Marc Hess, Keith Shields, Susan Werner, and Kimberly Miller.

Lebanon County Community Action Partnership presented a $46,420 contract with Jubilee Ministries for the HOPES shelter.

October 15, 2015

Martin Barundick asked commissioners how he will be able to vote if he's not allowed on the grounds of Ebenezer Fire Company, his precinct poll.  Administrator Wolgemuth said that his understanding is the Fire Company's attorney will be sending him a letter assuring him of his right to vote. Voter Registration Director Lori Oliver also offered an absentee ballot.

Lt. Col. Waltman shared information from "Back at the Gap."  Auxiliary fire 10.23-24 and 11.13-14, Mortar fire 10.30-31 and 11.1, and Explosives demolition dates 11.2-5 as well as the fall burn season to mitigate the risk of wild fires.  Call 861.2007 for up to date information.  The Gap fire company ran three mutual aid calls in September, bringing their annual total to 66 mutual aid calls this calendar year.

Commissioners awarded a proclamation, and Sheriff Bruce Klinger congratulated Chief Deputy Debra A Miller who is retiring with 36 years of service, and said she has the "Courage of a Samaria Warrior and work ethic of a John Deere tractor."

James Holtry, Children and Youth, presented first and second quarter supplemental invoices for approval:  1st--Title IV-E Placement Maintenance $27,764.61 and Adoption Assistance $462.41; and 2nd--Placement Maintenance $19,819.58.

Keith from Light Heigel Associates represented UGI who wants to relocate a Regulator Station to County property at Route 422 and 7th Avenue.  An above-ground facility will improve pressure, keep water from seeping into the pipes, and keep the pipes from freezing. To preserve the enjoyment of the Quittapahilla Educational Wetland, native plantings of Red Cedar will surround the Station on three sides.

Melissa Quionnes, Community Planner for the City of Lebanon, requested approval to transfer $7500 to the Coleman Park Playground project as a match for another grant.  Commissioners unanimously approved the City's request.

John Shott, Probation Services, requested a letter of agreement with Philhaven.

Ebenezer Fire Company president Lee Spencer follows up on an inquiry concerning multiple engagements of their firehouse siren.  EMA Director John Wilson shares that the New World Cad System software reports that the program is out of the research and development phase.  However, commissioners will be purchasing an upgrade, which it is hoped will contain a fix as well as open the research and development phase to address problems.

Director John Wilson received support to accept TMI funds for Lebanon County EMA to test radiological equipment.  The Act 147 nuclear grant of $15,087 will cover costs for tablets and radios for RACES, our ham operator associates.  Further, EMA will switch from Verizon to Comcast Broadband CLEAN Network.  The switch will allow for more data transmission and increase speed to download pictures, video....

Louie Hurst donated land, and a $90,652 multi-model transportation fund grant helped to create Alden Place Rail Trail head, which will host 19 cars.  Tom Kotay, transportation planner for Lebanon County, made the presentation, and requested a resolution of support.

James Donmoyer, Director of Drug and Alcohol, along with Robert Count, presented red ribbons and received a proclamation for October 23-31 promoting red ribbon week to 12,800 students in County schools.  Donmoyer also presented the annual fiscal report for his department.  To help cover our over-budget, we are able to recoup an additional $12,739 from money not spent by other counties.

Veterans Director Rob Kale presented a 50th Anniversary Viet Nam War proclamation for approval.  This is the time when President Lyndon Johnson's executive order establishing the Vietnam service ribbon to honor our 7.2 million living Vietnam veterans, their fallen comrades in arms, and the families of all those who served.

Honoring Viet Nam War veterans is only one part of how the County supports our veterans.  We held a Korean War veteran's recognition a few years ago, and through Veterans Director Rob Kale, assist all veterans and their spouses daily. The County pays a burial stipend to families of deceased veterans. We also grant real estate tax relief for totally disabled veterans as a result of their wartime service. Commissioners will continue to recognize veterans on holidays with flags at gravesites...too. We also purchase the graveside markers commemorating in which war a veteran served. Additional events will surely be a part of our future as well.

Congratulations are in order for caregivers at Renova Center for a "No Defect" Inspection by DOH, the Department of Health, their first such inspection in 19 years.  Roman Shahay and all of the staff at Renova Center take care of our most needy citizens with love and compassion around-the-clock.

Resignations from Boards were received:  Mental Heath, Dianne Brown; Conservation District, Gail Smith; and Commission for Women, Stephanie DiVitorre. 

Commissioners also passed a resolution honoring the 75th Anniversary of Sheffy, Schrum, and Lundberg law firm


Linda Bordner on the death of Peg and Armar Bordner, her parents.

Linda Bordner and Dot, her cousin, reminisce about the Bordner Cabin.


Back at the Gap with Lt Col Waltman 10 1 2015 - Duration- 3 minutes, 53 seconds

Lt. Colonel Dale Waltman provided a "Back at the Gap" update.

Sunoco and Williams Pipeline Update 10 1 2015 - Duration- 11 minutes

Pam Bishop and Doug Lorenzen spoke to commissioners concerning Sunoco and Williams Pipelines.  They reported that the two companies merged, and asked commissioners to apply for a grant and host a public meeting.  They also said they did not approve of the offer for a private meeting with Sunoco. 

Harry Fenton on Redemption and Employment Applications - Duration- 9 minutes, 21 seconds

Attorney Harry Fenton approached commissioners about redemption as it relates to employment applications. 

Maryanne Reppert Retires - Duration- 4 minutes, 39 seconds

Beginning her career in the Recorder of Deeds office, but serving about 45 years in Domestic Relations,  Maryanne Reppert worked for the County of Lebanon for 47 years, and will now begin her retirement, while she can dance.  Best wishes, Maryanne.

Domestic Violence Intervention Clothesline Project at Monument Park - Duration- 2 minutes, 18 seconds

DVI, Domestic Violence Intervention, sponsors a clothesline project at Monument Park at S 8th and Lehman Streets in Lebanon.  Weather permitting, decorated t-shirts will be displayed on a clothesline.  Otherwise (and/or) after the event, t-shirts will be on display at the Lebanon Valley Mall.

Treasurer Sallie Neuin presented bond payments for approval:


·       $1,090,596 from the General Fund to a Fulton Bank loan;


·       $66,241.21 from the 2011 Bond issue to Fulton Bank;


·       $355,221.68 from the 2006 & 2008 Issues to Wells Fargo; and


·       $352,218.28 from the 2015 Issue to Fulton Bank (was 2009 & 2011).

Nichole Eisenhart received approval for an $18,477 RASA-Rights and Services Act--grant modification to received additional funds to use towards benefits.

Heroin Task Force Implemented - Duration- 5 minutes, 14 seconds

Drug and Alcohol Director James Donmoyer is putting together a Heroin task force.  The thirty people will be divided into four subgroups, like treatment, to address the issue.

Dan Seaman received approval for two disabled veterans to receive real estate tax exemption.

Dennis Firestone explains the Enterprise Rental Fleet agreement . - Duration- 3 minutes, 27 seconds

Dennis Firestone returned to commissioners for approval of a $59,000 annual Enterprise car rental 5-year lease award.  All documentation is in order.  Eleven cars per year will replace the County's aging fleet.  Benefits include, but are not limited to:  Reliability, Safety, Savings, and Employee Morale.

Administrator Jamie Wolgemuth presented three items for approval:


1   Kevin Schrum received approval for a second amendment for Management Services with Department Agreements on the Medical Assistance Expansion Program and the Healthy PA Performance Care Branch.


2   Commissioners accepted a $5,950 PCCD Naloxone grant for first responders.


3   Mervan Horst, Gary Lentz, and Pat Kreiser were reappointed to the Farmland Preservation Board.


YMCA Day Care Opens 10 1 2015 - Duration- 11 minutes

The YMCA opened a new Day Care in a stand-alone building behind the YMCA.  On inclimate days, children will be able to utilize the Y for activities.  Ed and Jeanie Arnold, Frank Dixon, 100 Women Who Care, and others made the facility possible.



Lendmark near Giant on the East end of the City of Lebanon  - Duration- 2 minutes, 10 seconds


ABWA LV Charter Chapter with Rosey Brunner and Lorraine Long - Duration- 8 minutes, 11 seconds



East Hanover Township with Rodney Weaver - Duration- 5 minutes, 22 seconds


Bethel Twp Bev Martel - Duration- 10 minutes


Supervisor Dean Patches with State of Swatara Township - Duration- 12 minutes

Tourism & History:


Chuck Allwein shares the Jigger Shop Story 1 of 2  - Duration- 9 minutes, 56 seconds


Chuck Allwein shares the Jigger Shop Story 2 of 2  - Duration- 7 minutes, 42 seconds


Jigger Shop History in the 1960s by Jack Graham - Duration- 10 minutes


Kettering years at the Jigger Shop 1930 1943 by Mike Chapman  - Duration- 24 minutes


Regular Meeting

Lt. Col. Dale Waltman provided an update on Back at the Gap.  Call 861.2007 for a recorded message with weekly updates.


v  10.3 Touch a Truck from 12-3PM with quiet time from 2-3 for children who are frightened by sirens.


v  10.3 Archery Season opens


v  10.10 - 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War from 8AM-5PM


v  10.10 March for the Fallen


v  10.13 Burn Season through the Wednesday before Thanksgiving

The FIG fire company provides mutual aid to East Hanover, Jonestown, North Annville, Swatara, and Union Townships.

James Donmoyer, Director of Drug and Alcohol, received approval for a 5-year $592,942 contract agreement.

Dennis Firestone was on hand to open bids for a car rental fleet.  Acme Auto bid $64,044, and Enterprise Fleet Management bid $59,344.44 annually to replace and maintain 11 vehicles annually.  Contracts will be reviewed and voted upon at a later date.  Of the County's 70 vehicles, 55 are passenger vehicles.  The others include a fire truck, trailers.... 

Our old cars will be auctioned by Kleinfelter on the first Monday of October in the 8th Street parking lot.  I advance, Kleinfelter will list the autos on their website.  Sonrise will perform title work.

Commissioners passed a previously advertised resolution to enable collection of 911 fees.

$1,160,088 in MATP fourth quarter invoices were approved.  Services provided include 66,535 trips for 1,482 consumers to doctor appointments.

Due to leaving LCCTC, Lauren Holubec resigned from the Women's Commission.

Commissioners approved a proclamation for ABWA-American Business Women's Association- in honor of American Business Women's Day on September 22.

MPO - next meeting 12.17.2015 @ 9AM  For a closer look at Lebanon County transportation, visit

Board of Assessment Appeals and Review

Prison Board


In a commissioner's workshop, Director of the Lebanon Valley Economic Development Corporation Susan Eberly requested County support to help the LVEDC meet their mortgages. 


Williams Pipeline meeting karst topography Sunoco eminent domain proceedings

Coastal Cleanup September 19 at 930AM from the YMCA

Ann Pinca and Mike Schroeder presented commentary on the proposed Williams meeting; Sunoco's filing of eminent domain proceedings against a landowner in S Londonderry Township; and a Coastal Cleanup day on September 19 leaving from the YMCA.  Commissioners also agreed to write a letter to FERC over a Karst Topography report that did not consider vibration from bombing at Fort Indiantown Gap, blasting at Pennsy Supply, nor trains and trucks on our rail and roads. 27.8 miles of the proposed Williams Atlantic Sunrise project traverses karst or sinkhole-prone topography, and 4.33 of these miles have been designated "high risk," including nearly two miles in Lebanon County. 

Saving Lives with Suicide Prevention in Lebanon County

Kevin Schrum led a team reporting on Suicide Awareness efforts.  If someone is threatening to kill themselves, take them seriously.  Call Crisis Intervention 274.3363.

Daniel Lyons presented a Fair Housing resolution for approval.

Getting Youth on the Right Path involves the Courts, Probation and Children and Youth

James Holtry, accompanied by Judges Tylwalk and Charles, Probation Chief Sally Barry, and others, received approval on both an $8,460,950 Implementation Budget and an $8,425,715 Needs Based budget. 

Dan Seaman received disabled veteran real estate tax exemptions for 2 veterans and a widow. 

$1.194.805 in MATP funds were approved for submission to the Department of Human Services.

Loren Holubec, Tim Shenk, and Cindy Heisey were appointed to represent Lebanon County on the South-Central Workforce Investment Board.  Further. Commissioner Litz requested a letter be sent requesting that Lebanon County be represented on the Executive Board as equals with other counties. 

KristKindle Market received $1500 in Hotel Tax funds to operate on December 5 at Coleman Park.

Downtown Music and Wine Fest received $1500 in Hotel Tax funds.  Commissioner Litz asked if the CLA's funds could be designated for event use other than marketing alcohol, which seems to be in conflict with the County's Drug and Alcohol mission.  Barring the request, Litz voted nay.

Commissioners voted to advertise a resolution for the 911 Services Act fee.

The meeting was followed by an Executive Session on personnel.

At 1:30PM, commissioners met as the Board of Assessment and Review.

Community YouTubes:


Supervisor Dean Patches with State of Swatara Township - Duration- 12 minutes


Wenger Meeting House and the Goosecreek Boys - Duration- 2 minutes, 11 seconds


Hidden Still Spirits 5th Ave and Willow Street Lebanon PA - Duration- 2 minutes, 31 seconds


Moyer Potato Farm and Fresh Fair Fries - Duration- 4 minutes, 31 seconds


Moyer Mum Farm Ono Road Jonestown PA - Duration- 12 minutes


Back at the Gap with Lt Col Waltman 8 20 2015 - Duration- 2 minutes, 41 seconds

Lt. Colonel Dale Waltman gave an update from "Back at the Gap."  A mandatory outdoor recreation briefing for hunters and fishermen using Fort Indiantown Gap will take place on September 13 at 2PM, and again on September 16 at 7PM in building 880 on Service Road.  Also, outreach to veterans will take place on September 5 at Cabellos between 8AM and 4PM.  Further, on October 10, 2015,  a noon ceremony honoring Vietnam Veterans will be held at Stricklen Field at FIG; a March for the Fallen; and a Veteran's Appreciation Expo will occur. 

Julie Cheyney promoted to Planning Director - Duration- 108 seconds

Upon the retirement of Bob Sentz, with 17 years of service under her belt, Julie Cheyney was promoted to Lebanon County Planning Director.

Gina Stahl Retires as a Houseparent - Duration- 2 minutes, 37 seconds

Gina Stahl was honored for 30 years of service as a houseparent for Children and Youth.  Her words of wisdom for raising teenagers is to "be a parent, not a friend, and always let them know that they are loved."  Gina supervised four adolescent girls at a time.

Jim Holtry also presented $784,017.57 in invoices for Children and Youth to pay for Act 148, Title IV-E Placement Maintenance, Title IV-E Adoption Assistance, and Medicaid. 

Dennis Firestone opened the only bid for floor cleaning equipment from Service Master, $5,600.  The original purchase price was $8000 four years ago.  Now the janitorial work is bid out, and the new floor cleaner, which only logged 13 hours, is going to be used by our current vendor.

James Donmoyer presented Drug and Alcohol contract amendments for approval.  Jim was able to negotiate with White Deer Run to have the number of people on Methadone reduced from 86 to 65 people.  He stated that people should not be on Methadone for nine years.  Clients should be weaned off of Methadone within two years.  Currently, 48 people are receiving treatment.  There is no waiting list.

Drug and Alcohol contracts were approved at a rate of $112 per day for 14 beds with PA Counseling Services for the court-sentenced Renaissance Crossroads 12-month program at the VA Medical Center.  Further, a new 4-bed, four month program, will be implemented for people who voluntarily enroll in treatment for heroinMedical Assistance will pay for this treatment.  Addicts get one shot at this.  Fourteen people overdosed this year.  Probation Chief Sally Barry rounded up known heroin users.  They were put into prison, then interviewed by Drug and Alcohol.  32 people have started treatment to try to save lives.  Finally, Jim is starting a heroin overdose drug task force

Mike Battistelli and Brett Holland presented a second quarter Retirement Board report.  The current pension balance is $108,345,396. 

Should 9 Million Dollars from Cedar Haven Sale be returned to Taxpayers - Duration- 8 minutes, 43 seconds

From the sale of Cedar Haven, commissioners invested $4,062,000 in December 2014, and $3,022,000 earlier in 2015 into the pension fund.  Now, Jay Wenger, Susquehanna Group, recommends investing another $10,000,000 to bring the fund up to at least 80% funded.  Then, he recommends putting $6,000,000 into the General Fund, and using $3,000,000 for special projects as well as taking out a loan to fully fund the pension plan.  That's where Commissioner Litz parted ways.  Her condition to place the $10M into the pension fund hinged on the excess $9M from the sale of Cedar Haven being returned to the people.  Because the vote ignored her request, on a 2 to 1 vote, Commissioner Litz voted against the transfer. 

At a cost of $18,000, John Wilson, EMA Chief, requested approval for a GIS needs assessment.

Dan Seaman, Assessment Chief, presented four disabled veterans for exemption from real estate tax.

Carol Davies, Area Agency on Aging Chief, presented contract amendments for approval.  Six adjustments totaling $24,369 were made with no additional funds coming from the County's general fund.  Also, AAAs generator is working, thanks to Dynatec.  Two drivers were approved for the Medical Assistance Transportation Program.

Liquid Fuels distributions were approved for the City of Lebanon $25,477; Jonestown, $1,905; Palmyra $7,320; and West Cornwall $1,976.

Gary Lehman is unable to complete the Renova Center audit  as well as wrap up the Cedar Haven Audit.  Therefore, at a cost of $125 per hour, the Lancaster Group was hired to reconcile 2014 accounts.  It is anticipated that the audit will take between 24-48 hours to complete.

Commissioners adopted a proclamation for Peggy Kreiser who is retiring from the Chamber of Commerce. 

At 1:30PM, commissioners sat as the Board of Assessment and Revision.

On Wednesday, August 19, 2015 commissioners sat with other prison board members, Bob Mettley, and Dave Arnold. 

Community YouTubes:

Emily Bomgarder 2014 and Megan Bixler 2015 Lebanon Area Fair Queens - Duration- 10 minutes

Encks Gun Barn 17 E Main St Myerstown PA Already watched. - Duration- 8 minutes, 57 seconds


Back at the Gap 8 6 2015 Ready to Honor Vietnam War Veterans 50 years later - Duration- 3 minutes, 44 seconds

Lt. Col. Dale Waltman presented "Back at the Gap," a monthly feature to share information on activities with citizens.  August 31 the Gulf Veterans Bonus will expire, unless the Senate comes back from break prior to their scheduled September 21 calendar.   October 10, there will be a 28 or 14 mile "March for the Fallen."    The 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War will also take place.  For more information,  visit

Pipeline Update for Lebanon County 8 6 2015 - Duration- 10 minutes

Michael Schroeder and Ann Pinca, Lebanon Pipeline Awareness, returned for an update on their previous requests.  Sunoco got back to Commissioner Ames, and Williams got back to Commissioner Litz.  Both companies are considering our request for a town-hall style meeting.  Information for an interactive web page was obtained, and is being studied by MIS.  Further, Commissioner Litz asked for a review by County Planning of a recently received Williams permit application to see if it is in compliance with our Comprehensive Plan concerning items like forested buffers along streams.  The Comprehensive Plan does not have a section specifically addressing pipelines, but Commissioner Litz shared a proposal by CCAP, the State Commissioners Association, in consultation with County planning directors across the State, for their platform.  A vote will occur within the next ten days to consider adoption.  Mike pointed out that both New York and Maryland have banned fracing. 

Snow Tubing Proposed for Iron Valley Golf Course - Duration- 4 minutes, 55 seconds

Tom Sheridan raised concerns over procedure to site a proposed snow tubing facility at Iron Valley Golf.  Jeff Steckbeck rebutted.  The men agreed to work out their differences.

Sallie Neuin requested and received a resolution adding new signatories in the Area Agency on Aging.

Fire Company Siren Fix Needed - Duration- 11 minutes

Lee Spencer, Ebenezer Fire Company, inquired whether EMA could eliminate three activations for each dispatch  on their fire company siren.  EMA Chief John Wilson stated that it is a programming glitch in our New World CAD System.  He continued that fire companies should not have to purchase a $300 timer to override the signal.  Apparently, 29 of the county's 35 fire companies still use sirens, which are needed in case of a natural or manmade disaster like tornados or a problem at TMI.  Also, Ebenezer Fire Company will silence the siren with a timer between 9PM and 9AM. 

Roman Shahay received approval to hire Aztac Inc at an approximate cost of $19,107 annually to perform audits at Renova Center.

John Wilson received approval for a $127,691 EMPG Grant Agreement, HazMat Annual Report, and Regional Task Force Agreement.  Further, after consultation with the Red Cross, John recommended adding Sacred Heart Church in Cornwall as a shelter for emergencies should the school need evacuated.  The Red Cross will stage cots and blankets at the church.  The County will secure a $1000 grant to accommodate a generator.  In general, Red Cross has determined that during school hours, it would be an inconvenience for the school to also house people in need, and, during emergencies, it is too busy at fire companies.  Therefore, more church centers are being sought.  Further, volunteers from church congregations are traditionally willing to assist in an emergency.  Finally, commissioners approved a $1,715,551 Homeland Security Regional Task Force Grant.

Sally Barry received approval for a $1,017,708 APU grant-in-aid contract.  However, last year, the allocation was only $70,000.

Transportation Planners John Fitzkee and Tom Kotay along with John Wilson were on hand to review bridges and intersections.

1.    Locust Street Bridge over the Tulpehocken Creek - Duration- 2 minutes, 41 seconds 

            Locust Street:  $40,000 was approved for design work to rehabilitate this historic bridge, which split this past year.  While over 200' long, it only spans 17' over Tulpehocken Creek.  Built in the 1700s, the stone masonry arch does not have a Keystone.  Because of the 17', the bridge did not need to be inspected every two years.

2.    Red light at Clear Spring and Killinger Rds and Rt 422 - Duration- 3 minutes, 11 seconds 

            Clear Spring and Killinger Roads at Route 422:  The County will act as the administrator and lead agency for this $460,000 project, with reimbursement coming from PennDOT.  A traffic signal and road improvements are proposed.

3.     Inwood Bridge Delayed 10 Years - Duration- 11 minutes

     Inwood Iron Bridge:  There is yet another delay as the Historical Commission pushes for a 5-ton capacity by rehabilitating the bridge on site.  For public safety, Commissioners support staff to continue with a 15-ton capacity by removing and rebuilding the bridge off-site.  This bridge is higher than Monroe Valley Bridge, and could help evacuate residents along Old State Road as well as people from Swatara State Park and Youth for Christ during emergencies like flooding. The "Z" shaped connections are unique, but two such bridges also are found in Cumberland County.  This bridge has been the subject of design change for ten years.

Hay Group Guarantees an IRS Determination Letter - Duration- 4 minutes, 50 seconds

At a cost of $2,000, Controller Bob Mettley requested that commissioners hire Hay Group to guarantee a favorable IRS determination letter for tax deferred status.  In addition, IRS will charge $2500 for this letter.  In 2017, the program terminates.  Then, the County will be self policing. 

Administrator Wolgemuth presented items for approval:


1.      Acceptance of a $543,641 PCCD Crossroads grant.


2.      Approval of numerous disabled veterans for real estate tax exemption.


3.      Adoption of a proclamation for Hershey/Palmyra Sertoma Club on their 40th Anniversary.


4.      Tabled Workforce Investment Board WIB appointments.


5.      Approval of Community Action Partnership CAP contracts for Medical Assistance Transportation by Boyo, Philhaven, and Central Medical. 

Community and other videos:

Animals at the Lebanon Area Fair have a Message for YOU  - Duration- 2 minutes, 53 seconds

Quentin Riding Club Dining and History - Duration- 5 minutes, 6 seconds

Regionalization of Bus Service is being Studied  - Duration- 11 minutes

Ohio River Locks and Dams - Duration- 9 minutes, 58 seconds


Pipeline Awareness presents Requests to Lebanon County Commissioners

Commissioners Respond to Pipeline Awareness Requests

Pipeline Awareness members Mike Schroeder and Ann Pinca presented requests to Lebanon County Commissioners Bill Ames, Bob Phillips, and Jo Ellen Litz.

Swatara Watershed Association supports a consolidated repository on the County website. In the interim, Swatara Watershed Association maintains a Marcellus & Pipeline Youtube Channel for educational reference.

The Swatara Watershed Facebook page maintains some Marcellus & Pipeline maps for reference:

Pipeline Awareness Requests:

  1. Lebanon County was awarded Intervenor Status by FERC.

  2. Sunoco and Williams local activist groups asked for meetings with the two companies.

  3. Advanced notice of meetings and votes requested.

  4. Video taping of Wednesday and Thursday meetings requested.

  5. A pipeline page on the County website complete with maps, links, and pdf files of notices sent to the County was requested.

  6. Local inspectors, including citizens, with the ability to photograph installation requested during any construction.

  7. An adhoc committee to advise the commissioners was requested.

  8. A request was made for the County to take a coordinating role when speaking with municipalities.

  9. Commissioners should request pipeline companies to notify the County, EMA, news media, impacted municipalities and fire companies when flaring, making water withdrawal for about to take place.

  10. The County should copy FERC on letters sent to pipeline companies.

  11. Lebanon County Conservation District and County Planning oversight was explained. LCCD monitors storm water impacts. County Planning works with GIS to properly map new pipelines. The Assessment Office and EMA rely upon accurate coordinates for their offices. However, the County has no authority to inspect a public utility.

At the conclusion of the meeting, WLBR Radio reporter Gordon Weis asked Lebanon County Commissioners Bill Ames, Bob Phillips, and Jo Ellen Litz to respond to requests from Pipeline Awareness members Mike Schroeder and Ann Pinca concerning the Williams and Sunoco pipelines.

Back at the Gap with Col Waltman 7 16 2015

Lt. Colonel Dale Waltman brought the latest update from Back at the Gap.                            

Robert Dowd, EMA, was promoted from Planning Officer to System Administrator.

James Holtry presented $1,313,226.86 in third Quarter Invoices for Children and Youth.  Broken down, Act 148 totaled $1,089,079.50; Title IV-E Placement Maintenance totaled $160,667.77; Title IV-E Adoption Assistance totalled $62,520.59; and Medicaid totaled $959.

Kevin Schrum presented Contract Amendments for approval.  Further, Lakeview in New Hampshire closed, and placement for the most challenging consumer had to be found.  No one in Pennsylvania could provide the service, but staff were able to secure placement at NeuroRestorative in Lutz, Florida.  The difference in price of $9,681 can be covered by the current budget.  The 2014-15 budget was also amended by $50,431.

Assessment Chief Daniel Seaman presented two  disabled veterans for real estate tax exemption.

Voter Registration Director Lori Oliver presented $181,680 in HAVA certification of County maintenance of effort reports for approval.

Community Action Partnership received approval for Philhaven to operate Crisis Intervention at a cost to the County of $449,212.  County departments contributing to Crisis include:  Children and Youth, Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities Early Intervention, and Community Action Partnership. 

Administrator Jamie Wolgemuth presented a PA Association on Crime and Delinquency PACCD award of $24,384 for a VOJO-Victims of Juvenile Offenders--program in 2015; and $12,192 in 2016.

Commissioners approved a proclamation for Commuter Services recognizing the Best Work Places for Commuters, which includes Bayer in Myerstown.

Acting upon a constituent request, commissioner Litz asked to place at the bottom of each commissioner meeting agenda a reference to law, which requires recording equipment to be prominently displayed when recording public meetings.  Commissioners Phillips and Ames wanted to think about the request. 

At 1:30PM, commissioners sat as the Board of Assessment and Revision to hear appeals on real estate values in Lebanon County.

The Wednesday, July 15, 2015 workshop included a two-hour session with pipeline groups followed by an Executive Session on personnel. 

Community and other YouTubes:

    The Millionaire Brocks narrated by Armar Bordner  - Duration- 40 minutes

    89 year old Armar Bordner Interview 1993 - Duration- 17 minutes

    Deracos Reopens on S 8th St Lebanon PA - Duration- 49 seconds

    Adams County Winery Rotary Tour with John Kramb


Prior to the regular meeting, commissioners met with CCAP IT chief Rita Reynolds who will conduct a study of Lebanon County's Internet protocol, software, and equipment in order to make and prioritize recommendations for the future.  A switch to a Microsoft based system may be part of the plan.

During personnel session, Michelle Edris informed commissioners that Planning Director Bob Sentz submitted his resignation with a one-month notice. 

Kevin Schrum received approval for an Mental Health, Intellectual Disabilities plan for Lebanon County.  Kevin said that from the public, no one attended the hearing.  The SWOT analysis will help his Department meet future needs with flat revenue.

Refinancing with Fulton Bank and Going for an A rating once 911 Funding Comes In  - Duration- 3 minutes, 41 seconds

Jay Wenger, Susquehanna Group Advisors, presented bids from banks to refinance the 2009 Bond Issue of $9,041,000 at a savings of $200,985.  Fulton Bank was able to provide a fixed rate of 2.4% for the seven year remainder of the term, which was the date of expiration on the bond.  In addition to refinancing the 2009 Bond this year, Jay Wagner thinks that due to the State passing the 911 funding bill, Lebanon County will be made whole rather than dipping into the General Fund for $1 million each year. Therefore, in 2016, we may be able to apply for an A Bond Rating from Standard and Poors.

Mayor Capello requested $250,000 from Lebanon County's Affordable Housing Fund, Act 137, to help fund the City's first time homebuyer program, which has seen a rise in requests.  The Mayor believes that the 60/40 rent over home owners ratio should be reversed, which would help the City to improve their quality of life.  The County will be reimbursed when the homes are sold.

Betsy Bowman Recommends Reapplying to Buyout Flood Properties from Lee and Irene  - Duration- 96 seconds

In the first round, Lebanon County did not get funded to buyout flood properties after TS Lee and Irene, so we're going to try again, and request $2.65 million.  Betsy Bowman, Director of the Redevelopment Authority, says that left-over funds from Tropical Storm Sandy will be reallocated to Tropical Storms Irene and Lee to buyout flood prone primary residences along the Swatara and Quittapahilla Creeks.  The City of Lebanon will join in our application, which should show a partnership, and raise the interest in our request.  The application is expected to run around $6,000.

Further Dan Lyons submitted a modification request for a Community Development Block Grant with DCED.  No funds were changed or exchanged.  In the interest of Public Safety, the service area changed from one building to all of South Lebanon Township for acquisition and demolition.

Director of Assessments, Dan Seaman, requested tax exemption for three disabled veterans.

Avian Flu Education by PA Dept of Ag Dep Sec Greg Hostetter - Duration- 7 minutes, 40 seconds

Lebanon County resident and PA Department of Agriculture Deputy Secretary Greg Hostetter updated Lebanon County Commissioners on the Avian Flu. There is no threat to human health on this issue.  Small flocks are being identified.  Call 717.772.2852, and ask for Dr, Ann Lynshaw. The Atlantic Flyway, of which we are a part, is the only flyway in the United States that is not yet infected.  If farm flocks are destroyed, other businesses like feed mills and poultry processing plants will also be impacted.  Penn State Extension has fact sheets for farmers.

Commissioners approved signatory authority for provider contracts to the Direct of Drug and Alcohol, Jim Donmoyer.

A Verizon billing dispute has been settled.  They will accept the amount owed of $25,000, and eliminate penalties and fees.

Commissioners accepted a $9,851 PA Crime and Delinquency grant to fund a re-entry Strategic Plan for inmates.

Three medical assistance transportation plan drivers were approved. 

Commissioners signed a 5-year cooperative agreement with the PA Title 4d  to reimburse Human Services and Child Support at 66%  for Domestic Relations.  CCAP negotiated the agreement. 

At a rate of $45 per court hour, Commissioners re-appointed Attorney John Bradson to represent us for Title 4D hearings.

Community YouTubes:  It was a tripe A week:  Armar Bordner, Al Murry, and Al Shade with Nancy Hatz adding the cherry on top.  We also had another new business open at the Lebanon Valley Mall--Price Rite.

89 year old Armar Bordner Interview 1993  - Duration- 17 minutes

Al Murry on the History of LV National Farmers and Fulton Banks - Duration- 9 minutes, 42 seconds

Al Shade at 87 June 25, 2015 Already watched. - Duration- 6 minutes, 19 seconds

Happy 100 Nancy Hatz Already watched. - Duration- 5 minutes, 19 seconds

Price Rite Opens at Lebanon Valley Mall 6 23 15 - Duration- 4 minutes, 59 seconds

6.18.2015  Regular Meeting

Ferdinand Sammer

After a long and distinguished career, Sheriff's Deputy Ferdinand Sammer retired from the County of Lebanon.  Also, notice the new uniforms worn by his colleagues and Sheriff Klinger. 

Proclamations were awarded to Gold Girl Scout award recipients Hope Snyder who created first aid kits and a booklet and Megan Hoffmaster who taught children the art of hoola hooping to get them away from their electronics and active during the summer.  Christin Cesari also received recognition, but was unable to attend.

Melissa Martinez and Belva Ream presented $1,316,672 in contracts and with no additional County support, $8,361 in amendments for the Area Agency on Aging.  Also, Board appointments were made:  Jean Newman, Vicky O'Neal, Charlie Rush, Phyllis Wolf, Tom Reilly, and Peg Stohler.

For Renova Center, Roman Shahay presented contracts from First Aid and Safety Patrol, Ephrata Area Rehab Services (EARS), Select Rehabilitation, DB Fisher Transportation, and Fredericksburg Community Health Center.

James Holtry also presented 36 contracts, most with a 0% increase, for Children and Youth.  Further, a Placement Provider, Lancaster County Juvenile Detention and Shelter, for $285.11 for Detention and $173.93 for Shelter. 

Troy Williams, Lebanon County Christian Ministries, received approval for a five-year agreement for LCCM to serve as Lebanon County's official Emergency Food Assistance Program.  The designation carries with it, $159,000 funding allocated to the County by the State.  Funds are used to purchase goods from local businesses.

A contract was approved with MATP-Medical Assistance Transportation Drivers.

Barry Ansel was reappointed to the Health Facilities Authority.

Chuck Allwein and Frank Eichler were reappointed to the Board of Governor Dick.

MPO--Metropolitan Planning Organization:


Danielle Spila stated that Penn DOT is conducting a study of mass transit bus companies with adjoining counties to see if cost savings can be realized by regionalization.  Lebanon Transit will meet with other bus companies in the near future to discuss the results of the study in more detail.  Barta in Berks County already merged with Red Rabbit in Lancaster County.  As an incentive, Penn DOT is willing to waive County share for five years.  However, the same savings may not be realized with the remaining counties.  Lebanon Transit Board members attended the meeting. 

Roundabout Cornwall

The Metropolitan Planning Organization is studying traffic patterns in Cornwall.  One outcome may be a round-about at the intersection.  TP&D from Harrisburg will complete the study, which starts July 1.

Wednesday, 6.19.2015

Electronic Poll Books

Commissioners heard a presentation by Joe Passarella from Election Services Online. Three counties in PA use electronic poll books to sign in on election day.  At $1000 per poll book, and a minimum of two poll books per precinct, it would take a significant investment.  Should Lebanon County continue to use paper sign-in books, or switch to electronic poll books?

Absentee Ballot Scanners

Commissioners also saw an ES&S demonstration on refurbished scanners that will tabulate absentee ballots.  Together, two scanners would cost around $6500, and Voter Registration could print tabulation reports on election night.  Judges of Elections would scan their absentee ballots upon arrival at the courthouse.

Community YouTubes:

Pipeline Press Conference

Elks Flag Day Ceremony

Garbage Museum



Back at the Gap

Landfill being Capped at Fort Indiantown Gap - Duration- 42 seconds

Lt. Colonel Dale Waltman reported that Fort Indiantown Gap is closing a landfill, which will temporarily increase truck traffic on Route 934 as 2' of soil for native plantings will be hauled in to encapsulate the old refuse.

Faces Never Forgotten 606 Pics Needed from PA and Trout Stocking at FIG - Duration- 2 minutes, 21 seconds

Further, Colonel Waltman explained a national project, Faces Never Forgotten, honoring 58,307 soldiers who died in the Vietnam War and whose names appear on "the Wall" in Washington DC.  While 41,000 pictures have been uploaded, of the 3,148 State soldiers, 606 pictures are still needed for Pennsylvania soldiers. 

John Shott and Sally Barry presented a request to purchase 34 more Naloxone Kits for probation officers at a cost of $175 each.  The total grant would provide $5950 for the  kits with a 2-year shelf life.

Also, on behalf of a Consulting Services Contract, Melanie Snyder will not exceed $9851.

John Wilson Receives State Certification as EMA Chief - Duration- 2 minutes, 25 seconds

From the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, Fred Boylstine awarded EMA Director John Wilson his certification as an Emergency Management Chief.  Congratulations on a job well done, John. 

Palmyra Envirothon Students Place 2nd in the State of PA - Duration- 2 minutes, 24 seconds

Congratulations to Palmyra High School students for their second place win at the State Envirothon.  As sophomores, their teacher and mentor, Gina Mason, hopes they'll be back with a State title before they're seniors.

Closing of the Boys and Girls Group Homes recommended by Jim Holtry - Duration- 7 minutes, 33 seconds

Jim Holtry, Director of Children and Youth, said that occupancy at the Boys and Girls Group Homes has averaged 60% over the last five years, and he thinks it's time to close them.  He also thinks children will be offered more services in a private setting, from an on-call nurse to transportation to jobs.  Youth in the homes are 14-18 years of age.  Project savings in 2015 will be $262,000 of which $52,000 is the County share.  Therefore, $210,000 can be sued for other coverage, and to help close the gap on a $1.5 million deficit from last year.  Holtry also stated that PA will reimburse Lebanon County $952,000. 

Kevin Schrum presented Mental Health provider contracts containing eight amendments totaling $39,781 for approval.  There is no increase in funding.  The State price was flat funded, but the budget increased by $422,000 for psychiatrists, prison medications, health insurance increases, salaries, and pension ARC ($369,000 of the $422,000 increase), which are normally reimbursed at a rate of 90%.  The first round indicated that County share will increase $266,000, but Jim was told we will do better by $90,000. 

Referencing similar increases in expenses, James Donmoyer presented Drug and Alcohol provider contracts as well.  Further, Jim will implement gambling prevention activities.  There was no request for support from the County General Fund.  Drug and Alcohol usually brings the County around 65% in reimbursement for expenses.

$40,000 in Act 137 funds were approved for Housing Authority Director Brian Hoffman  to use in the Affordable Housing Program for Supportive Housing.

Three municipalities were awarded fixed allocations for liquid fuels:  North Annville $2381, South Annville $2850, and Union $3099.  Union Township had a $3099 rollover.

Proclamations were approved for Scott Weaver, president of APR Supply and Bill Wertz of Wertz Candies.  Wertz will receive the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce Small Business Person of the Year Award at the Lebanon Country Club this afternoon.

Community YouTube

Julie Zinsser demonstrates Infinity Scarves available at Whimzee Boutique - Duration- 7 minutes, 12 seconds

Memorial Day Parade Lebanon 2015 - Duration- 21 minutes

May 21, 2015

Back at the Gap with Lt Col Waltman 5 22 2015 - Duration- 2 minutes, 43 seconds

Lt. Colonel Dale Waltman presented an update from "Back at the Gap."

New Bike Maps available - Duration- 2 minutes, 45 seconds

Pat Krebs gave a bicycle route update.  New maps are available. 

Diane Miller Retires with 44 years of service - Duration- 2 minutes, 23 seconds

Diane Miller received a proclamation of appreciation for her decades of service to Lebanon County.  Diane retired from the Management Information Systems department where she set up incoming PCs; answered calls; ran jury duty rosters; and Diane was also integral to organizing employee appreciation day.

Chief Detective John Leahy requested support for a $30,000 impaired driving grant application.  The program operates Cops & Shops roving patrols and sobriety check points throughout Lebanon County.  Included in the grant is funding to reimburse the County for overtime for an EMA Dispatcher....

CS McKee on Lebanon Countys Retirement Fund Investments - Duration- 13 minutes

Michael Battistelli and Brett Holland, Stifel Nicolaus, presented a County retirement fund update along with Jeff from CS McKee.

Meet Mason 2015 Miracle Child - Duration- 7 minutes, 34 seconds

Rik and Andrew Rhoade introduced Mason, Lebanon County's Miracle Child, and received a proclamation in support of Children's Miracle Network for their Telethon.

Susan Christner awarded Juvenile Justice Professional of 2015 - Duration- 5 minutes, 59 seconds

Sally Barry had nominated Susan Christner for a Juvenile Justice Professional Award, and Judge Tylwalk was on hand to add his congratulations.  Commissioners also presented her with a proclamation.

District Attorney David Arnold requested permission to apply for a grant from Capitol Blue Cross to fund the spray mist Naloxone, which will immediately stop the effects of a heroin overdose.  The spray will be distributed to First Aid and Safety Patrol and policemen throughout Lebanon County. 

Heroin has overtaken Alcohol as the drug of choice - Duration- 8 minutes, 52 seconds

James Donmoyer, with Drug and Alcohol, presented an annual report.  For Drug and Alcohol to assess and treat addicted inmates won't cost the County any money; puts the inmate back onto Medical Assistance; and reduces overcrowding.  We can process as many as need be.  A pregnant woman was processed already.  Probation or prison counselors are our referrals for inmates sentenced to 60-90 days. 

Pennsylvania Counseling Service brings families together for group sessions. 

Further, White Deer Run will open a second out-patient service center at 240 S 8th St., Lebanon.   Heroin has overtaken alcohol as the drug of choice.  The average profile of a heroin addict is a Caucasian male between 24-29 years of age, and a loner.  Of 570 unduplicated D&A clients, 245 were addicted to heroin.  We also have New Perspectives and a Methadone Clinic to hit the heroin crisis head on.  Clients can also self refer, and walk through the door to ask for help.

We've also submitted a $170,000 proposal with PCS to DDAP for a competitive grant.   

Dan Seaman, Assessment Director, presented two 100% disabled veterans for approval of property tax relief.

Sunoco and Williams Pipelines want to cross Rail Trail - Duration- 9 minutes, 21 seconds

Administrator Jamie Wolgemuth presented both a Sunoco and Williams $5000 pipeline agreement for crossing the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail.  Sunoco is working on an existing line, and their request passed unanimously.  Williams is proposing a new line, and the vote passed 2 to 1 with Commissioner Litz voting no.  She believes Williams should also follow their existing right-of-way rather than  dividing farms, business, and residential properties in Lebanon County.

Liquid Fuels fixed allocations were approved for:  Annville $4767; Cleona $2080; North Cornwall $7553; and Swatara $4555.

At 1:30PM, commissioners convened as the Board of Assessment and Revision. 

May 7, 2015

Lt. Colonel Waltman updated commissioners on Back at the Gap.  Mortar fire will commence May 8-10; Artillery fire May 17-21; and Explosive ordinance May 12,1 5, and 28.

Treasurer Sallie Neuin stated that the County's internal TRAN note is paid off, and payroll is set aside through September. 

The Good Samaritan Hospital, VA Medical Center, and Philhaven Hospital all received proclamations for National Hospital Week and National Nurses Week.

Nicole Eisenhart and Beth Hoch presented a Victim of Crime Act (VOCA) project modification request increasing the allocation by $20,000, which will help to pay for on-call pay  and overtime for trial weeks and be shared with CRC, SARCC, DVI. 

DMO requests funding for Guide Books and a New Office at the Farmers Market - Duration- 8 minutes, 42 seconds

Laura Putt, with the Destination Marketing Organization, presented a request for a drawn-down of Hotel Tax dollars:  $13,376 for Guide Books; $4,806 for distribution through Getaways on Display; $935.38 for Bachleda Advertising; $4500 for furniture; $1500 for Signage; $2090 for a computer and software; $3000 for leasing a printer; $450 for a refrigerator and appliances; and $600 for a smart screen for a total of $31,257.  Commissioner Litz asked for a copy of the Guide prior to voting for payment.  None was provide, so she abstained from voting.  The motion passed on action by Commissioners Ames and Phillips.  Also, an article appeared without credit to the people of Lebanon County who helped Commissioner Litz create a list of ice cream shops in 2012.  Commissioner Litz suggested it would have been better not to run the article if proper credit could not be given.  Putt agreed.

Assessment Chief Dan Seaman presented two disabled veterans for approval.

Governor Dick History and bylaws change - Duration- 6 minutes, 33 seconds

Since the withdrawal of SICO from the Board, Ray Bender presented both a history and bylaw updates for Governor Dick and the Clarence Shock Foundation.   History   By-law  SICO  Governor Dick   Ray Bender    Clarence Shock 

Commissioners passed a proclamation for Emergency Medical Services Week, and posthumously honored Ralph Backenstose whose funeral was being held at the time of the commissioner's meeting. 

Jamie Wolgemuth presented numerous other items for action:


1.       A sixth contract amendment for Health Choices;


2.       A contract amendment for Community Services Group from $359,591 to $370,091, an increase of $10,500 for direct care workers;


3.       Appointment of HACC student James W Edwards to fill a vacancy on the Drug and Alcohol Advisory Committee;


4.       Grant a $23,410.92 EMA HazMat Eligibility Amendment form Hazardous Chemical Fees, Planning fees, and interest.


5.       Approve Liquid Fuels for:  West Lebanon $2500; Jackson $8163; North Londonderry $8068; Myerstown $3062; Heidelberg $4069; East Hanover $2801; North Lebanon $11,429; and South Londonderry $6991.


6.       A resolution for a $1Million match for Lebanon Transit with County share of $97,081.


7.       Recognition of Sexual Awareness month for SARCC.

On a 2 to 1 vote County becomes an Intervenor on the Williams Pipeline - Duration- 5 minutes, 26 seconds

So that the County can receive unfiltered information from FERC, support our Comprehensive Plan, and acknowledge Annville and South Londonderry Township's objection to the proposed route of the 42" Central Penn Line South, as well as the fact that TRANSCO will not service any customers in Lebanon County or PA, Commissioner Litz made a motion for Lebanon County to become an Intervenor in the Williams Pipeline.  Also, County Planning administers zoning for several municipalities.  Commissioner Phillips seconded the motion, and added that the County owns property that may be impacted concerning value.  The motion passed 2 to 1, with Commission Ames voting Nay.  While the deadline to file comments or as an Intervener has passed, with good cause, FERC can accept additional comments or Intervenors.  By the deadline, Commissioner Litz sent a memo to FERC outlining the difficulty in timing when the commissioners meet in a voting session two times per month.  The County Solicitor will prepare necessary documents. 

Employee Courthouse Car Wash for United Way - Duration- 2 minutes, 55 seconds

After the commissioner's meeting, as a reward for donating to United Way, three employees received free car washes from Lebanon County Commissioners.

May 20, 2015

Commissioners, the Sheriff, District Attorney, and Controller met as the Prison Board.

May 6, 2015

Enterprise pitched rotating vehicles every 5 years - Duration- 5 minutes, 45 seconds

Enterprise Rentals approached commissioners about turning their aging fleet of cars around within five years, replacing the oldest cars first.  They can provide cars with "cages" to transport prisoners as well as hybrids for energy efficiency.  Enterprise has over 1 million cars.  Every time they figure out a way to save $1 on a car, they save $1 million.  They can pass along their frugalness to counties, or anyone who has a fleet of at least 20 vehicles  Lebanon County has 59 vehicles with an average age of 9.5 years.  Lebanon has the choice of piggybacking on Westmoreland's bid, or rebidding a contract themselves.

Community YouTubes:

2015 Lebanon Idol Finale - Duration- 14 minutes

Stoney Valley Dauphin County thru Cold Spring Lebanon County by Brandy Watts - Duration- 10 minutes

Lebanon County Law Day and Naturalization Ceremony 2015 - Duration- 7 minutes, 13 seconds

A look at the Magna Carta 800 years later - Duration- 10 minutes

Pastor Susan Moore Jonestown UMC was a Rotary Exchange Student in 1973 - Duration- 14 minutes

Lebanon Idol Finalists 4 25 2015 - Duration- 9 minutes, 35 seconds

Swatara Sojourn Saturday May 2 2015 - Duration- 10 minutes

Swatara Sojourn Sunday 2015 - Duration- 17 minutes

Litz Criticized for not doing enough to Save Cedar Haven - Duration- 5 minutes, 4 seconds

April 16, 2015

In order to be kept informed, Ann Pinca, asked commissioners to become an intervener in the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline.

Colonel Waltman distributed a sign listing contact information to be kept informed of activities at Fort Indiantown Gap.  April 25 there will be explosives and demolition going on, and on May 28, a Soldier's Show at the Arnold Sports Arena.  The event will be open to the public.  Seating is limited to 2000.

Deadline Extended to May 15, 2015 to Pay County Real Estate Taxes

Due to computer adjustments, the deadline for the discount period to pay County real estate taxes was extended until May 15.  The statements went out twelve days late, and law states that the discount period must be offered for 60 days.

Beth Hoch received a proclamation for Crime Victims' Rights Week April 19-25.

Telecommunicator Week  - Duration- 4 minutes, 4 seconds

John Wilson, Eric Fahler, Chris Kreitzer, and Juan Rodriguez were on hand for a proclamation honoring our 911 Telecommiunicators during this week.

A Tax Increment Finance District for ELK was terminated on their  125 acre, $70 million, 150 job facility.  The one million dollar debt is paid.  Current taxes to Cornwall Lebanon are $343,431, to the County $60,908, and to South Lebanon $32,532.

Also, Susan Eberly presented cancellation of a TIFF for Shott Pharmaceutical in the LV Business Park.  $925,000 in infrastructure occurred with $350,000 in debt, which is now paid in full.  ELCO receives $359,306, the County $65,705, and Jackson Township $4,745.

Dan Chirico, Farmer's Pride (Bell and Evans), received final approval for a LERTA to proceed with a hatchery on 39-acres, which will facilitate a fast-track providing jobs in the community.  The company will continue to pay full taxes on the property as currently assessed, then receive a 10-year rollout reducing tax exemption by 10% annually on the building. 

JLUS Complete 2015

Commissioners voted to accept the JULUS--Joint Land Use Study with Fort Indiantown Gap.

Fixed allocations for Liquid Fuels were  awarded to:  Richland $1500; Mt Gretna $196; Millcreek $3892; Bethel $5007; South Lebanon $9463; and Cornwall $4112.

A Medical Assistance Transportation contract was approved.

From the Repository of Unclaimed Property, a $1 bid was approved for a trailer at 17 David Dr., Lebanon.

Judge Tylwalk and Administrator Wolgemuth sat as the Board of Elections to approve ballot layout.

Community YouTubes:

bullet Gold Max opens on S 8th St near Farmers Market
bullet Fairland Easter in Dance
bullet JBT Opens at Cornwall Manor
bullet 2015 Lebanon Idol Contestants 4 11 15
bullet As We Ignite our Generation 2015

April 2, 2015

Back at the Gap 4 2 2015 - Duration- 6 minutes, 28 seconds

Lt. Colonel Dale Waltman provided a "Back at the Gap" update, including:  prescribed burns, the info line number 861.2007; mortar live fire plans; a fire department report; a coming US Army Soldier's Show that will be free and open to the public at Lebanon Valley College on May 28 at 7:30PM; 400 oil tanks...were removed helping FIT to receive notice of a Sustainability award from the Secretary of the Army;  how they saved taxpayers $1 million; a coming 17-acre solar farm; and a $75 monthly bonus ($525 maximum) for Persian Gulf soldiers. 

Honoring Sgt Marquette on the 150th anniversary of his Medal of Honor  - Duration- 9 minutes, 56 seconds

Commissioners also passed a proclamation honoring Sgt Marquette who, 150 years ago, received the first national medal of honor in Lebanon County at Marquette Lake, named after the soldier.  Marquette is one of two national medal of honor winners from Lebanon County. 

Nicole Eisenhart received approval  to submit a $36,576 VOJO-Victims of Juvenile Offenders- grant application.

Volunteer Lebanon Valley - Duration- 8 minutes, 31 seconds

Scott Brubaker, RSVP, said the value of volunteerism in Lebanon County exceeds $2 million annually.  On average, volunteers are valued at $21.94 per hour, which includes the value of benefits should they be paid.

Kevin Schrum presented MHIDEI contract amendments for approval.  There is no increased share in county commitment.

John Shott presented an Intermediate Punishment Electronic Monitoring grant for probation services.

Daniel Seaman received approval for two disabled veterans to receive relief from property tax.

Tom Kotay presented requests for approval concerning the DCNR grant application for the Rail-Trail rehabilitation of the existing trail as well as the Cornwall Trailhead reimbursement agreement.

Bond payments were approved:


·         ·         2009 $113,648.76 to Fulton Bank;


·         ·         2010 $135,647.30 to Fulton Bank;


·         ·         2011 $222,868.70 to Fulton Bank;


·         ·         2006 $143,285.48 to Wells Fargo; and


·         ·         2008 $48,537.99 to Wells Fargo.

Krall Barn receives $100,000 of the Hotel Tax  - Duration- 12 minutes

Commissioners allocated $100,000 from escrowed Hotel Tax to be used to re-erect the Krall Barn, the oldest barn in Lebanon County.  Ed Dannels said the Swiss barn with a reinforced roof has been in storage since 2008.  The $100,000 will provide a match to another $100,000 in bonds and $116,000 raised at Historical Society Balls.  The $300,000+ funds will allow ground breaking this summer with a projected completion date of 2016.  Commissioners will retain $100,000 for use on County tourism projects; previously committed $100,000 to the LV Expo, and will make the remaining  $360,000 available to the TPA on a draw down basis, with each draw down approved by the commissioners.

VFW Ladies Auxiliary 95th Anniversary 2015 - Duration- 39 seconds

Commissioners ratified a proclamation provided to the VFW Women's Auxiliary on their 95th anniversary. 

April 1, 2015

A Bell and Evans Campus is coming - Duration- 5 minutes, 3 seconds

Commissioners heard a request from Bell and Evans to expand their LERTA campus with the purchase of 39 acres.  In addition to a processing plant and hatchery, they are going to produce organic pet food.  The retail outlet may be moved to Esther's Diner.

Community videos:

bullet Remembering Pauline Shiner from West Lebanon Already watched. - Duration- 16 minutes
bullet Emancipation Proclamation 1863 Already watched. - Duration- 9 minutes, 31 seconds
bullet Hallowed Grounds Project with Barbara Barksdale Already watched. - Duration- 10 minutes
bullet Hallowed Grounds Project Already watched. - Duration- 11 minutes with Malcom Sloan

March 18, 2015

Prison Board:  With five enrollees, Lebanon County will start doing their own correctional officer training.  Also, applicants will be certified through Careerlink first in order to qualify for reimbursement  of training.  Three additional vacancies exist.

The population stood at 530, 440 males and 90 females.

Of these people, 276 are unsentenced inmates.  53 inmates are on work release.  30 are state sentenced.  2 are from out-of-county.  255 are parole or probation violators.  District Judges sentenced 13 inmates while the Court of Common Pleas sentenced 25 inmates.

March 19, 2015

For Michelle Edris, Human Services coordinator, Jamie Wolgemuth presented a motion on behalf of Jim Holtry to reclassify a Caseworker position from the Foster Care Unit to a Program Specialist 1 as part of the Child Abuse Unit. 

Michelle also presented Treasurer Neuin's request for Belinda Spicer to work an addition 5 hours weekly for the next 8-10 weeks to help process tax receipts.  Colette Aurentz and Ranae Lemke will also be brought in as needed.  It is anticipated that the total extra hours will not exceed 315 hours.

Finally, Michelle presented a request from Danielle Hogg, Director of MIS, to hire a temporary part-time casual programmer for one month, Andrew Silberman, to help process a backlog of 45 requests for service.

On a motion by Litz, seconded by Ames, Allen Freed, Brenda Phillips, and Patrick Kerwin were reappointed to the Lebanon Transit Board.  Commissioner Phillips abstained because his wife is an appointment.  He is not the liaison to this Board.

Scott Barry and Debra Umbrell were appointed to the Community Action Partnership Board.

Bob Sentz was appointed as Lebanon County's representative to the RC&D Board, and Stephanie Harmon is his alternate.

John Shott, CJAB/Probation Services, presented three requests for approval:


1.       Mental Health First Aid Training at a cost of $25 per person for 10-30 people provided by Philhaven for law enforcement personnel;


2.       County Offender Reentry Planning Grant completed by Melanie Snyder at a cost of $9,851;


3.       Intermediate Punishment Grant Modification to request $50,000 in additional funding for the Renaissance-Crossroads Program.

Jason Trout and Fred Wolfson presented a request for the County to act as the pass-through for a $3M Readiness Assistance Community Program RACP grant to help construct the $13M 22,000sq' Sechler cancer center in Lebanon County.  With an increasing number of baby boomers aging, after age 50, the risk for cancer increases two-fold.  The cancer center should be completed by December 2015.  Commissioner Phillips is a trustee for GSH, but said he was advised that he could vote on the issue.  The County will be reimbursed by GSH should there be any funds needed to facilitate this grant. 

David Schmidt, Penn State Extension, presented a West Nile Virus Program to collect tires on Tuesday, April 14 from 8AM-6PM at the LV Expo Center.  Since 2000, 47,000 tires totaling 370 tons have been collected.  That's 5,880 tires per year or 98 tons.  Each person may bring up to 12 auto or 2 larger tires with a 25" or greater opening.  To be sure your municipality doesn't run out of funding for the free disposal, register by March 27 with David at .  Tires get recycled in Mahantongo, Liverpool PA.

23 Municipalities Support the new Destination Marketing Organization

The new Destination Marketing Organization DMO collected proclamations from 23 of 26 municipalities, and by resolution, commissioners unanimously designated the DMO as the TPA.  Cold Spring has no municipal government, and North Londonderry and Heidelberg Townships did not vote on the issue to date.   State law requires approval from municipalities representing an aggregate of over 50% of the population. 

Commissioners inserted language requiring all tangible and intellectual property revert to the County should the DMO be decertified or dissolved.  The DMO Board hired Laura Putt who is working on a new Tourism Guide. 

Pat Kerwin was also on hand as commissioners passed Ordinance 53 designating 55% of the collected Hotel Tax go to the DMO, and 35% go to the Expo to attract and accommodate tourists to Lebanon County.  The County will retain 10% for tourism owned venues.  The preceding percentages are after a 2% administrative fee is deducted.  Additions to the previous Ordinance include a requirement for both the DMO and EXPO to provide annual audits by March 31.  Further, on a recommendation by Horace Ehrgood, the County will have access to records within 14 days of a written request; and collections from delinquent hoteliers will be assessed the cost of collections and attorney fees.

Commissioners also approved $16,8711.64 in reimbursement to the EXPO from $100,000 that was set aside for improvements to the facility.

Because all three commissioners are running for re-election, Administrator Wolgemuth chairs the election board this year.  He reported that the four petition challenges will be heard by different judges.  Two petitions for Magisterial District Judges will be heard by out-of-county judges while the other two challenges will be heard by county judges not sitting on the Election Board.

1:30PM  Commissioners heard four assessment appeals including two commercial properties applying for tax exempt status--the Masonic Temple Association and the Healing Tree International, on 322 in Campbelltown.  Both entities were asked to complete the HUP test, and provide 990 tax returns for review.

Community Videos:


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       Governor Mark Singel's Hardest Task - Signing a Death Warrant - Duration: 1:08.


1   Linda Umberger 20150306Already watched. - Duration: 2:54.  Hall of Fame inductee


1   Doing Business at the GAP and State ContractsAlready watched. - Duration: 7:21.


1   Doing Business with the Federal Government


1   History is Rich at Fort Indiantown Gap


1   Gina Beck on Military Sexual Assault

March 4, 2015

Treasurer Neuin reported that the County's internal TRAN is $2.383 million. 

Commissioners approved promotion of Julie Cheyney as the Community Planner/Assistant Director of Lebanon County Planning.  Due to family ties, Commissioner Ames recused himself from the vote.

An additional maintenance mechanic was approved for the Lebanon County Correctional Facility.

Regular part-time Deputy Sheriff positions will move to fulltime effective March 15, 2015.

On behalf of Children and Youth, Commissioners approved a contract with Cornell Wilson as a relief Houseparent at the Boys Group Home. 

Mary Ann LeVan receives a proclamation for Red Cross Month - Duration- 7-04

Mary Ann LeVan received a proclamation declaring March as American Red Cross month in Lebanon County.  Both during disasters and while locating servicemen, Mary Ann is a tireless worker for the citizens of Lebanon County.  She and Paul, her husband, run the local ARC unit, which has recently serviced 14 emergency calls and 25 families as well as made 150 Armed Forces calls. 

Chief Assessor Dan Seaman received approval for real estate tax exemption on behalf of two disabled servicemen.

Bond Refinancing to save between $190,000 to $300,000 - Duration- 7-11

John Hewett was on hand to propose Ordinance #52 refinancing of the County's $6.4 million 2009 and $8.8 million 2010 bonds.  The bonds are financed at 3.3%, but the current interest rate is 2.15%, which would save the County $300,000.  The 2009 bond is callable immediately, and will be closed in April while the 2010 bond may be executed when it becomes callable later this year.  However, if the interest rate rises above 2.25% making it not worthwhile to refinance, commissioners do not have to execute the 2010 bond.

Kaitlin Stiles, coordinator in the District Attorney's office, received approval to modify the DUI Court budget to include $1000 for electronic monitoring costs.   The program brings in $14,000 for the County.

Ordinance 53 will establish TPA at 55 Expo at 35 and County at 10 percent of Tourism $ Already watched. - Duration- 6-50

Conditioned upon receiving budgets to substantiate how the money would be spent, Commissioners approved advertising of Ordinance #53, which, after a 2% administrative fee, would designate distribution of 55% of the $225,000 County Hotel Tax to the Tourist Promotion Agency, 35% to the Lebanon Valley EXPO, and 10% to the County Commissioners to fund tourism venues.  Commissioner Phillips and Attorney Warner stated that there is no conflict of interest for Commissioner Phillips to participate in this vote.  Commissioner Litz requested that Article VIII, Section 2 include language requiring an audited report of income and expenditures prior to March 31st of the following year; budgets from each entity; and inclusion of verbiage retaining County ownership of tangible assets held by the TPA.  The Ordinance will be amended to include language on the audits.  Litz was assured that budgets will be provided prior to the March 19 vote, and tangible asset language will be included in a separate contract with the LVDMO.

EMA will undergo a GIS needs assessment - Duration- 3-14

John Wilson and Brian Burke presented two requests, $18,000 to assess Emergency Management's Geographic Information System (Layered Digital Mapping System) needs, and $98,000 to implement upgrades using Act 56 telephone fees. 

James Holtry, Director of Children and Youth, presented second quarter invoices for approval. 

Commissioners approved a $3400 web agreement with the County Commissioners Association of PA.

Commissioners appointed Susan Killinger, Bonnie Loy, Rosemary Milgate, and Marilyn Nolte to the Board of Drug and Alcohol.

Commissioners approved the Lebanon County Historical Society as their official historical society.  This County designation brings a minimum of $20,000 per year to the local Society from State funds. 

Jack Stouffer was on hand to receive a 40th anniversary proclamation for the Trinity United Methodist Church on N 8th Street, Lebanon.

COMMUNITY:  It's Women's History Month

Gina Beck on Military Sexual Assault - Duration- 15-11

Lebanon County Commission for Women's Hall of Fame Inductees:

  1. Beverly Martel 3 4 2015 Already watched. - Duration- 4-43

  2. Cynthia Smith 3 4 2015 - Duration- 4-08

  3. Dorothy Perez 3 4 2015 - Duration- 5-07

  4. Dr Jennifer Davis 3 4 2015 - Duration- 5-08

  5. Jennifer Gettle Esquire 3 4 2015 - Duration- 5-21

  6. Linda Umberger

  7. Dr Marianne Bartley 3 4 2015 - Duration- 6-39

  8. Patti Hower 3 4 2015 Already watched. - Duration- 4-21

  9. Rebecca Gacono Harlan 3 4 2015 Already watched. - Duration- 5-04

  10. Shirley Krall 3 4 2015 - Duration- 5-00

  11. Tracie Seiders 3 4 2015 - Duration- 6-16

Ed Gill on the 100th Anniversary of Gill Rock Drilling Lebanon Pa Already watched. - Duration- 12-17

February 19, 2015

Treasurer Sallie Neuin reported that the County did an internal $1,983,000 TRAN—tax revenue anticipation note--and will pay themselves back when tax payments come in.

Barb Smith received approval to increase Christine Weaver’s part-time weekly hours from 20 to 28.  This is a temporary change in which the 20 hour, PT Court Clerk positions will remain at 20 hours per week on the books.

Commissioners increased the casual part-time Correctional Officer starting hourly wage to $12 per hour effective February 15, 2015.

Dick Bleistine Firefighter of the Year - Duration- 2-41

Commissioners presented Richard Bleistine with a proclamation recognizing his lifetime of service to the fire company.

Carol Davies, Area Agency on Aging, presented $349,503 in contract amendments for approval.

Coroner and Dr. Jeff Yocum presented a State of the Coroner’s Address.  20 suicides occurred on 2014. 85% were white males.  There were 25 accidental deaths—5 motor vehicle accidents; 18 drug related; 1 asphyxia; and 1 carbon monoxide.  Three homicides occurred. 

There are a maximum 65 rooms at the methadone clinic with 56 rooms filled.  A waiting list is being processed.  The County of Lebanon owns the clinic free and clear, and collects over $10,000 per month in rent. 

Mike Battistelli, Brett Holland, and Brad Baker updated commissioners on the pension fund.  $8.5 million was withdrawn to pay retirees and Cedar Haven employees.  The current balance is $110,776,048. 

Jay Wenger presented an opportunity to save over $300,000 by refinancing a bond.

Jill Wiester, Lebanon Valley DMO Destination Marketing Organization, updated commissioners on tourism. 


To date, 19 of 25 municipalities have been visited.  18 municipalities approved a resolution supporting the new DMO. 


Commissioners moved to award $1000 for marketing by Corrigan Sports who is holding an event at Lebanon Valley College, and will book 1500 rooms in Lebanon and surrounding counties.


On February 19, the DMO offered the director’s position to Laura Putt, and she accepted.  Laura edits magazines, websites, ad runs email campaigns.  She is also savvy in Facebook, and has a background in public relations.  It was also disclosed that Laura is a sister-in-law to Commissioner Bob Phillips.


Commissioners awarded $4000 for the DMO to purchase tangibles like a display and booklets to market Lebanon County.

Larry Taylor and Stephanie Harmon presented a 2014 report on the Envirothon, and requested support for the 2015 Envirothon.  Commissioners awarded $10,000 from the Marcellus Shale grant fund to help with the 2015 Envirothon..

Previously, commissioners awarded $42,000 to farmland preservation.  Additional $7500 Marcellus Shale grants were awarded to each of these entities:  Jackson, North Cornwall,  South Londonderry, and South Lebanon Townships, the City of Lebanon, Pa Dutch Council #524, Boy Scouts of America, Governor Dick, Lebanon County Historical Society for the Krall Barn, and Rails to Trails. Lebanon 2000 Foundation received $1693.  Commissioner Litz suggested placing more emphasis on clean water, public safety and projects of countywide benefit.  Therefore, she voted nay.

Commissioners approved a resolution supporting an increase in the 911 line fee to pay for emergency dispatch.  Because Commissioner Litz was concerned with a proposed Hiring Pool attached to House Bill 911, she requested verbiage be added to the resolution addressing this concern.  Her colleagues chose not to amend the resolution.  Therefore, she voted nay.  While she supports a $2 per line fee, sharing of hardware, and sharing of contract maintenance costs, she doesn’t believe it is practical to share telecommunicators between counties, especially noncontiguous counties.  During flooding, we become islands in storms.  Placing employees further away from their families during a crisis is more stressful on employees.  The weatherman is wrong—a lot.  So repeatedly sending employees to other counties in advance of storms will waste time and money.  Finally, only 2 of 8 counties surveyed agree with a Hiring pool.

Angela Linda Roche was appointed to the Women’s Commission.

Peggy Kreiser was appointed to the Workforce Investment Board.

$105,589 was awarded to the RASA Victim Witness program.

From the Repository of Unclaimed Property, commissioners awarded a bid of $50 for 17 N 2nd Ave., Lebanon.

Commissioners approved a proclamation for the Swatara Watershed Sojourn.

Commissioners met in executive session to discuss personnel.

In the afternoon, commissioners heard 15 appeals as the Board of Assessment and Revision.

February 5, 2015

FIG Celebrates Black History Month - Duration- 4-24  YouTube

Lt. Colonel Waltman reported that Fort Indiantown Gap will honor Black History month with a medal being presented in honor of Octavious Catto who died in Philadelphia during the Civil War.  Also, Saturday, will be the change of command with James Joseph arriving and Major General Wesley Craig departing.  Artillery fire will take place February 20-22.  The fire company made nine calls off-base.  This will also be the 40th year since the Vietnamese arrival of refugees at FIG.

Effective 2.2.2015, Judge Tylwalk ordered employees of the Probation and Domestic Relations Sections to work 37.5 hours weekly.  The Courts will cover the increased salary for 2015.

Certification of Democratic and Republican Parties in Lebanon County - Duration- 0-40  YouTube

Lori Oliver, Voter Registrar received certification of the Democratic and Republican Parties for Lebanon County.

Dennis Good, MH.ID.EI, presented a Drug and Alcohol fiscal report.  An $84,020 amendment for Compassmark was also approved.

Standard and Poors Rating 2015 - Duration- 5-17  YouTube

Jamie Wolgemuth presented a BBB+ bond rating from Standard and Poors, which is up from a BBB-.

EMA will be reimbursed for personnel.

Lickdale Fire Company received exoneration of taxes for an income producing property not occupied by the Company.  The income is used to support the fire company.

From the Repository of Unclaimed Property, three mobile homes were sold for $1 each to the “park” owners.

Appointed to the Commission for Women were Rebecca Whitherite and Sue Spahr.  Taryn Blydenburg resigned due to work load.

The Horning farm lease was renewed for $150 an acre.

Commissioners affirmed issuance of a Boy Scout proclamation declaring Boy Scout Week during the Scout expo at Lebanon Valley Mall.

Resignations from Drug and Alcohol included Shorty Fields.

Angel Price, Bonnie Wolgemuth and Sam Abram were reappointed to the Library Board.

Streamlining First Class Mail Service - Duration- 3-35 YouTube

Mailroom Systems was hired to presort and deliver first class mail at a savings of $1000-$2000 per month.

Commission Phillips noted that United Way giving by the County is up by 93%.  In the spring, commissioners will each wash a car for a contributor.

Community YouTubes:


Scout Master Ken Roth on the Bordner Cabin - Duration- 9-59


Coffees On with Delores and Helen - Duration- 11-46


LVC Pink Game 2015 - Duration- 4-17

January 15, 2015

Update on Fort Indiantown Gap 1 15 2015

Lt. Colonel Waltman presented a Fort Indiantown Gap update.


Mortar Fire is scheduled for Saturday, January 24.


WWII reenactment Battle of the Bulge will take place on January 31 at 10AM and 2PM.


77 fire call assists occurred off-post in North Annville, Union, East Hanover and Swatara Townships.

Most calls were in East Hanover and Union Townships, Lebanon County.


Game Harvest-283 deer harvested as of January 5.

Township Supervisors Richard Miller and Ron Fouche on a Township Conference in Hershey

From April 19-22, 2015, a statewide township supervisors conference will be held at the Hershey Motor Lodge, and Lebanon County is one of three sponsors.  Supervisors Ron Fouche and Richard Miller invited commissioners to attend a meeting to help plan for the event.  The Chamber of Commerce and Center of Lebanon Association will be working with the supervisors to create a display.  A booklet will also be created.

Elizabeth Bowman, Director of the LC Redevelopment Authority, and Dan Lyons were on hand to present two request for funding from County Community Development Block Grant funds, which may be used for low or moderate income housing--new or preserved buildings--and to fight blight.

Willow Terrace Upgrades on Tap

First, 43-year old Willow Terrace, in downtown Lebanon, is in need of a new boiler, thermal windows..., and Community Homes, a local nonprofit asked the county commissioners for a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant loan to renovate the 100 unit apartment house on Willow Street in Lebanon.  If all goes well, completion would be by June of 2017.

Quentin Apartments Moderate Income Housing Project

Next, a Quentin Apartments housing project is proposed for West Cornwall Township next to Alden Place.  Community Basics, a Lancaster developer, asked for $150,000 in Lebanon County Community Development Block Grant Funds.  Eight apartments for homeless families could be set aside . A motion passed two-to-one with Commissioner Litz voting nay.  She saw competition for PHFA dollars for Willow Terrace. The rent for one month at Quentin is supposed to be $713 for two-bedroom, and $950 per month for three-bedroom apartments.  Lebanon County Community Action Partnership is working toward a true homeless shelter.

Lebanon County has a goal of completing the Rail Trail Border to Border by 2020.  Tom Kotay, LC Planning Consultant, received approval for Lebanon Valley Rail Trail items.

  1. Approved Wilson Consulting for construction inspection of the Cornwall trailhead using DCNR funds.

  2. Signed a $1 easement agreement with Supreme Mid-Atlantic for Phase 9 near Jonestown.

  3. Signed a $1 easement with the Lebanon County Historical Society for Phase 7 in North Lebanon Township behind the Lebanon Valley Mall.

Lori Oliver, Director of LC Voter Registration, received approval for certification of dollars spent to carry out election for HAVA—the Help America Vote Act.

Have you heard about a request for an increase in truck weight from 80,000 to 97,000 pounds? They also want to allow triple-trailer trucks with a "crack the whip" effect. Melissa Wolf made a presentation to the Lebanon County Commissioners, and asked for a letter prohibiting these trucks.  Commissioners asked Jonathan Fitzkee, our transportation planner, to review her request.

Commissioners certified use of 911 funds for Emergency Management.  Further a $70,716 radio system maintenance contract covering 1,170 hours was signed with Capital Area Communications.

Commissioners certified $133,029.78 in farmland preservation funds of which $42,500 came from Act 13, Marcellus Shale funds.

Commissioners approved an amendment to the Capital Area Behavioral Health Collaborative contract covering Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, and Perry counties.

Commissioners acknowledged receipt of $24,000 in Act 44 Tax funds from Penn DOT for roads and bridges.  The fund was established when I80 was thought to become a toll road, but that didn’t happen.  Funds are accumulating to be put towards repair of the Inwood Bridge.  The balance is currently $196,542.96.

Further, $16,988.39 in Act 89 tax funds were reported received.

Finally, Commissioners approved a $1200 farm lease with Ken Reist for 12-13 acres near the Lebanon County Career and Technology Center at 104 Fox Road, Lebanon.


A few people suggested goals for the County of Lebanon. Adding to their suggestions, a Survey Monkey was developed for feedback. Results from the first 100 respondents are summarized at the following link.  

The Age Wave Initiative and Take 5 to Feel Alive Community Forum was held at HACC. Area Agency on Aging supports a Band Together exercise class available at 15 locations.  In Lebanon County:

  1. Covenant UMC, 346 N 9th St, Lebanon Thurs 11-noon;

  2. St Luke Evangelical, 107 E Main, Schaefferstown Tu & Thurs 10-11AM;

  3. Juniper Village, 1125 Birch, Lebanon M 2-3 & W & F 10:30-11:30AM;

  4. Tulpehocken UCC, 961 Tulpehocken, Richland, MWF 3:15-4PM;

  5. Lebanon County Area Agency on Aging, 710 Maple, Lebanon, MWF 4:45-5:45PM; and

  6. St John UCC, 120 W Market, Jonestown MWF 9-10AM.

Watch for the Lebanon County United Way Prize Patrol

Seltzer's Lebanon Bologna Smokehouse 7 Beer at Snitz Creek Brewery

Ringing in the 2015 New Year at the Lebanon Bologna Drop

January 2, 2015

As Chair of the Board, Commissioner Litz called her last meeting of the Lebanon County Commissioners to order.  After the pledge to the flag and approval of the minutes, officers for the new Board were approved.  Commissioner Ames was elected Chair, Commissioner Phillips Vice-Chair, and Commissioner Litz Secretary.  Also, Jamie Wolgemuth was retained as Administrator, and Dave Warner as Solicitor.

Next, dates of meetings were set for the first and third Thursday monthly in the Commissioner’s office, 400 S 8th St., Lebanon, with the addition of December 24 to ratify the budget and finally, July 30 at the 4H Fair.  Meetings begin at 9:30AM.  Further work sessions may be called each Wednesday at 1:30PM in the commissioner’s office on the second floor of the courthouse.  The Salary Board and Retirement Board will be held during these meetings.  To be placed on the agenda, contact the commissioner’s office by calling 228.4427. 

Liaison Assignments were approved on a 2 to 1 motion.  Commissioner Litz has been working with a professional grant-writer on securing funding for a new 911 Center without adding a burden to the Real Estate Tax, and requested to retain EMA to complete this process.  Her request was denied without comment.  In all, Litz received five (5) new liaison assignments.

Commissioners Receive their 2015 Liaison Assignments YouTube



Building & Grounds


Chamber of Commerce


Conservation District




Economic Development Corp/Industrial Development Association


Expo Center


Lebanon Transit


Lebanon Valley Destination Marketing Organization DMO


Management Information Systems MIS


South Central Workforce Investment Board



Area Agency on Aging AAA




Children & Youth


Central PA Energy Consortium


Geographic  Information System GIS


Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities/Early Intervention MH/ID/EI


United Way


Veterans Affairs


Women’s Commission




City of Lebanon


Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse


Community Action Partnership


Emergency Management Agency


Housing & Redevelopment Authority


Penn State Cooperative Extension




Renova Center



As Chair of the Board, Commissioner Litz called her last meeting of the Lebanon County Commissioners to order.  After the pledge to the flag and approval of the minutes, officers for the new Board were approved.  Commissioner Ames was elected Chair, Commissioner Phillips Vice-Chair, and Commissioner Litz Secretary.  Also, Jamie Wolgemuth was retained as Administrator, and Dave Warner as Solicitor.

Next, dates of meetings were set for the first and third Thursday monthly in the Commissioner’s office, 400 S 8th St., Lebanon, with the addition of December 24 to ratify the budget and finally, July 30 at the 4H Fair.  Meetings begin at 9:30AM.  Further work sessions may be called each Wednesday at 1:30PM in the commissioner’s office on the second floor of the courthouse.  The Salary Board and Retirement Board will be held during these meetings.  To be placed on the agenda, contact the commissioner’s office by calling 228.4427. 

Liaison Assignments were approved on a 2 to 1 motion.  Commissioner Litz has been working with a professional grant-writer on securing funding for a new 911 Center without adding a burden to the Real Estate Tax, and requested to retain EMA to complete this process.  Her request was denied without comment.



Building & Grounds


Chamber of Commerce


Conservation District




Economic Development Corp/Industrial Development Association


Expo Center


Lebanon Transit


Lebanon Valley Destination Marketing Organization DMO


Management Information Systems MIS


South Central Workforce Investment Board



Area Agency on Aging AAA




Children & Youth


Central PA Energy Consortium


Geographic  Information System GIS


Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities/Early Intervention MH/ID/EI


United Way


Veterans Affairs


Women’s Commission




City of Lebanon


Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse


Community Action Partnership


Emergency Management Agency


Housing & Redevelopment Authority


Penn State Cooperative Extension




Renova Center


Depository Banks were approved.

The Salary Board officers were determined to emulate the commissioner’s Board.

Board  of Assessment and Revision of Taxes officers were set according to law with Commissioner Litz appointed chair by virtue of being her tenure as a commissioner.  Ames is Vice-Chair, and Phillips Secretary.  Assessment appeals will be heard on:  January  15, February 19, March 19, April 16, May 21, June 18, July 16, August 20, November 19, and December 17 as well as September and October as needed. 

Sallie Neuin presented the Treasurer’s Report.

Michelle Edris presented Personnel Transactions and Conference/Seminar Requests.

Two properties were sold from the Repository of unsold properties, which did not sell at the Sheriff’s Tax Sale.  A condemned property at 40 Cumberland Street, Lebanon was sold to Natale Cozalto for $1900, and a trailer was sold for $1 to the owner of Palm City Park.

Finally, in order to approach municipalities for their support, commissioners passed a resolution for the Destination Marketing Organization (tourist bureau).  With ratification by municipalities having an aggregate of over fifty percent (50%) of the population of the county, the LVDMO will qualify to receive a portion of the Hotel Tax.

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