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Litz brings Local Government, Small Business, and Conservation Experience to the Table.

   Jo Ellen is a 5-term Lebanon County Commissioner who is the Boots on the Ground for local government implementing programs to Protect Children, Serve Families, Secure Justice, Manage Emergencies, and Safeguard Elections.  In short, Commissioner Litz Safeguards the Public Trust.

Whether it was the 2004 Campbelltown Tornado, Tropical Storm Lee in 2011, or the 30" 2016 Snowstorm Jonas,

I've been here for you.

Litz was elected by her peers from across the state of Pennsylvania to serve as the 2012 president and 2013 chairman of the Board for the statewide commissioner's association. 

Litz is about starting a conversation from public structures like roads and bridges, water and sewer, schools, and energy.  A sound infrastructure is the basis of a sound economy.  Litz believes we need these Economy Boosting Jobs to put money into the pockets of people so that they can buy homes, cars, and goods.  Litz supports a transportation plan to make our roads and bridges safe.  In this way, we will create good paying jobs, get people to these jobs, our goods to market, and children to schools. 

Jo Ellen served as the chair of the MPO (2012-15)--Metropolitan Planning Organization for Lebanon County--where she helps to prioritize local road and bridge projects with PennDOT and the Federal Highway Administration. 

Keep Litz doing the People's Business.


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Team Litz:  Treasurer, Cathy Garrison

Honorary Chair:     Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll --a woman who broke the glass ceiling and contributed greatly to PA politics; born in 1930, died November 12, 2008.

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Meeting Highlights 2001

December 27, 2001

Susan Klarsch presented a $278,180 yearly Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement for approval.  The funds will be received through April 30, 2005.

Shem Heller was appointed as an alternate representative on the Board of Directors of the Capital Area Behavioral Health Collaborative.

In exchange for the exclusive privilege of naming a potential county-owned park, Dr. James Bollinger made 50 acres of his land available adjoining State Game Lands near the Rexmont Dam for exchange with the PA Game Commission.

With Commissioner Swanger abstaining, from the General fund, Commissioners Carpenter and Arnold voted to pay a one-time $500 payment per eligible retiree.

December 19, 2001

Cedar Haven's Medical Assistance reimbursement rate is $152.77.

The Snowflake Bazaar on November 24 generated $3200.

An amendment was signed extending the end date from December 31, 2001 to June 30, 2002 for the Governor Dick/Park Trail Project with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Mike Kristovensky and Joe Lescisko discussed the tobacco settlement funds for Senior Citizen Programs.

December 20, 2001

Abigail Jarboe questioned why her phone calls weren't returned from Juvenile Probation.

To handle increased workloads, hours for Licensed Practical Nurses at the Correctional Facility were increased to Forty hours per week.

The Crisis-Intervention & Information Center received a pre-expenditure plan increase of $5042.

Calvin Miller, Jeff Steckbeck, and Commissioner Arnold were reappointed to the Conservation District Board.

Dairy princesses, Dairy maids, and advisors Amy Moyer, Rebecca Bross, Janelle Zimmerman, Chanelle Horst, Louise Krall, Pat Bross, and Shirley Krall were on hand with dairy promotions.

Commissioners proclaimed Bill Carpenter Day on December 22, 2001.   Bill has had a lifelong journey as a torchbearer serving in Vietnam and supporting community organizations.  He will carry the Olympic Torch through Philadelphia.

December 13, 2001

James Holtry and Karen Alonzo presented Children & Youth invoices and contracts for approval:

IV-E Placement Maintenance $27,237.65
IV-E Adoption Assistance $31,666.03
TANF $66,368.85
Medicaid $2,576.30
TOTAL $371,848.83

Contracts were signed with both Jodi Boger and Michael Yakum as relief house-parents for Children and Youth at the rate of $8.50 per hour.

A $309,031 Crisis Intervention and Information Center agreement was signed with Philhaven.

Commissioners rescinded the ban on open burning effective 8AM Friday, December 14, 2001.

David Lasky received a letter of support for a Growing Greener Grant for Phase 2 of a Quittapahilla watershed assessment.

Charles Wertz received a revision to the Ag Preservation Program allowing Cross County purchases of farms and an agreement for the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources allowing aerial spraying for suppression of gypsy moth.

Commissioners Swanger and Arnold went on record opposing congressional re-apportionment of Lebanon County into three districts.  Commissioner Carpenter supported state legislators to do what's best for Lebanon County.

December 6, 2001

On behalf of Children and Youth, James Holtry received contract approval for service with Philhaven for Psychiatric Evaluations and counseling in the amount of $125 per hour, not to exceed four hours one Friday per month; and $75 an hour for counseling to be paid as billed for services.

Commissioners tentatively adopted the 2002 general fund budget setting the millage rate at 22.8 mills.

Ken Bachman received approval to award SECCO, Camphill the low electrical base bid of $70,332 to install the Prison Smoke Detection System.

November 29, 2001

Art Gould stated he would once again file a lawsuit against the County over concern about a ramp at the front entrance of the Count-City Municipal Building.

EMA Staff:  Clyde Miller, Annette Smith, Chris Miller, John Wilson, and Matthew Clements will receive overtime pay at the rate of 1-1/2 for the Month of October 2001.  Hours range from 24 to 26.5.

An agreement with the County Commissioners Association of PA as a host site to allow Lebanon County software though the use of domain licenses held by OA/OIT  was signed.

Paul Zechman and Phyllis Holtry received signatures on a $229,549 JNET Criminal History Access Agreement providing access to computerized criminal history information.  The following were appointed to the JNET policy board:  Bill Carpenter, Jamie Wogelmuth, Barry Hartman, James Earnshaw, Jason Nelson, Kathy Pflueger, Michael Stuckey, Lisa Arnold, David Wingert, Paul Zechman, Jeff Imboden, Lt. Daniel Kauffman, Bruce Harris, Clyde Miller, and Stephen Hitz.

Bids received for a Prison Smoke Detection System:

bulletPreferred Sheet Metal, Enola, Mechanical, $76,750
bulletGF Bowman, Cleona, Mechanical, $103,716
bulletBlatt & Myers, Myerstown, Electrical base $71,720, Alternate $37,360
bulletCM High, Myerstown, Electrical Base $77,409, Alternate $44,317
bulletSEECO, Camphill, Electrical $70,332, Alternate $60,344
bulletHL Bowman, Harrisburg, Mechanical $87,800

Special liquid fuels applications for county aid to submit to Penn DOT were approved for the City of Lebanon for $20,000 and South Lebanon Township for $10,000.

November 21, 2001

Annette Smith, Deputy Director of EMA, met with the Commissioners to recommend a Countywide ban on open burning.  With the exception of Jackson Township all other municipalities in Lebanon County have indicated their support for a thirty (30) day ban.  Resolution # 11-21-01 passed.   Significant brush and wood fires have occurred, and the wildfire potential is currently very high throughout Lebanon County due to the lack of rainfall and unseasonably warm temperatures.  Concern that this fire potential poses a serious threat to life and property initiated emergency measures to reduce the severity of this danger to protect the health, safety, welfare, and property of residents of Lebanon County.  Open burning is defined as the ignition and burning of any combustible material (garbage, leaves, grass, twigs, litter, paper, vegetative matter involved with land clearing or any other debris) out-of-doors in either a burn barrel (screened or unscreened), fire ring, or on the ground.

Enforcement of this ban shall be the responsibility of any sworn police officer, in accordance with the provisions of Act 1995-52.  Penalty includes a summary offense and upon conviction, sentenced a fine of not more than $100 for the first offense, $200 for the second offense, and $300 for the third and subsequent offenses.

Siloam Christian Missionary Church, 1111 N 7th St., Lebanon was exonerated from paying County property taxes for 2001 as they are non-profit.

Joseph Seibert, KPMG Peat Marwick Independent Auditors, presented the 2000 audit results for the County of Lebanon.

Retirement plans for Evelyn Urbanavage, Staff Development Director at Cedar Haven, were approved.  Evelyn received Commissioner's appreciation for a fine job throughout her employment with the County of Lebanon.

November 15, 2001

Clyde Miller, EMA, discussed a "countywide ban on open burning" with Commissioners.  Mr. Miller was asked to contact municipalities for a fell concerning a countywide ban on open burning.

Clyde Miller and Ron Killians Sr., State Mitigation Officer, and Allan Tamm, Harrisburg PA EMA, met with Commissioners concerning a possible appointment of a Hazard Mitigation Officer for Hazard Prevention in Lebanon County.  Mr. Killians presented a brief outlining need.  A sub-grant may be provided to Counties for either a part or fulltime employee.  The employee could be based in either Planning or EMA.   William Kurtz, Planning, was also in attendance.

James Gnecco, Spagnola Cosack Investment Consultants, met with the Lebanon County Retirement Board to review the third quarter performance report.

November 8, 2001

Amendment #1 for the Counties/Health Assurance Agreement agrees that certain technical corrections and completions to the Agreement are in order for Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon and Perry Counties' Comprehensive Agreement effective October 1, 2001.

November 1, 2001

Vicki Reigle, Lebanon Community Health Council, presented a $100,000 grant application for the development and enhancement of collaborative infrastructure that supports improvements with implementation of research-based programs.   Commissioners will forward the grant application to the Department of Public Welfare, Office of Children, Youth, and Families.

A rehabilitation and reconstruction grant application for the Rexmont Dam was signed and submitted to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

An alarm connection device was approved for the Veteran's Affairs Medical Center, Rehabilitation Unit on South Lincoln Avenue in Lebanon.

Abigail Jarboe expressed her opinion that the Commissioners should not provide money to the Lebanon Family Health Center.

October 25, 2001

bulletPhyllis Reilly, Secretary in the District Attorney's office, is retiring, and Commissioners expressed appreciation for her years of service.
bulletJohn Wengert, Rails to Trails; Mark Wilson, Wilson Engineering; and Steve Hassinger, Cornwall Manor update Commissioners on the Final Deed and Easement between the County of Lebanon and DM Stoltzfus and Son of Talmage to acquire a permanent easement for the purpose of developing, constructing, establishing, operating and maintaining a recreational trail over a portion of the Rail Trail, having a width of 50 feet for public use. The total lineal feet will equal 3,418.21 @ $5.50 per linear foot or $18,800.15. The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources will provide a grant for $263,000 for implementation of Phase 3 of the Rails Trail project. Total cost of the trail is $723,175.
bulletEarl Meyer; Shannon Rossman, Berks County Planning; Terence Ostrowski, Forton-Lawson Engineering; William Kurtz; Robert Sentz; and Richard Bolt, Engineer for H Edward Black. Were present for a public hearing on the Tulpehocken Creek Watershed Act 167 Storm Water Management Plan containing a watershed description, watershed technical analysis, standards and criteria for storm water control, model ordinance provisions and priorities for implementation. All volumes, maps charts and text were approved in accordance with the PA Storm water Management Act of 1978.
bulletA letter was sent to the Berks County Conservancy in support of the Tulpehocken Trail Feasibility Study as prepared by the Berks and Lebanon Conservancies acknowledging historical and recreational opportunities in the region, and increasing the overall health of the community by providing a passive recreational trail system. Again, funding will be provided by PA DCNR.
bulletSusan Klarsch, Drug and Alcohol, received approval for the first quarter expenditure report in the amount of $11,959 and budge amount of $1,056,641.
bulletJames Holtry, Children and Youth, revised the third quarter IV-E invoices and presented fourth quarter for approval.
3rd Quarter   4th Quarter  
Placement Maintenance $12,931.84 $269,022.71  
Adoption Assistance $509.17 $23,440.63  
Medicaid   $2,660.55  
Total $13,441.01 $295,123.89 $308,564.90 Grand Total
bulletThe first quarter Medical Assistance Transportation Program was also approved and signed for $33,650 received and $27,337 spent.
bulletOctober 18, 2001
bulletKaren Allen and Robert Gallagher were appointed to the South Central Workforce Board.
bulletA Program Management Agreement for the Emergency Food Assistance Program was signed with the Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Food Distribution.
bullet$47,574.49 is being returned to the County through the Board of Probation and Parole County Supervision Fee Program for the Adult Probation Department.
bulletMary Baiocco received a Resolution for her 29 years of service as a Secretary in the Office of the District Attorney.
bulletJames Holtry and Karen Alonzo submitted grants and contracts for approval:
Children & Youth $15,680 Children & Youth $12,42.89 Total Children & Youth $28,322.89
Juvenile Probation $99,135.73 Juvenile Probation $43,601.80 Total Juvenile Probation $142,737.53
Total 3rd Quarter TANF $114,815.73 Total 4th Quarter TANF $56,244.69 Grand Total $171,060.42
bulletContracts were signed with Marquita Beckley and Richard Olon as Relief House-parents.
bulletKenneth Bachem recommended the $137,978 HCP Accessibility (Mt. Joy) bid be awarded the contract to upgrade existing elevators for handicap access.

October 18, 2001

Karen Allen and Robert Gallagher were appointed to the South Central Workforce Board.

A Program Management Agreement for the Emergency Food Assistance Program was signed with the Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Food Distribution.

$47,574.49 is being returned to the County through the Board of Probation and Parole County Supervision Fee Program for the Adult Probation Department.

Mary Baiocco received a Resolution for her 29 years of service as a Secretary in the Office of the District Attorney.

James Holtry and Karen Alonzo submitted grants and contracts for approval:

Children & Youth $15,680 Children & Youth $12,42.89 Total Children & Youth $28,322.89
Juvenile Probation $99,135.73 Juvenile Probation $43,601.80 Total Juvenile Probation $142,737.53
Total 3rd Quarter TANF $114,815.73 Total 4th Quarter TANF $56,244.69 Grand Total $171,060.42


Contracts were signed with Marquita Beckley and Richard Olon as Relief House-parents.

Kenneth Bachem recommended the $137,978 HCP Accessibility (Mt. Joy) bid be awarded the contract to upgrade existing elevators for handicap access.

October 17, 2001

Commissioners asked the PA Department of Health to decertify eighteen (18) beds at Cedar Haven. If approved, the number of certified beds will be reduced to 342.

Melvyn Kaplan, Raymond Bender, and Betsy Bowman received the following approvals for the Housing & Redevelopment Authority Rehabilitation Program:

bulletMaximum financing went from $15,000 to $25,000;
bulletThe Loan Property Value Ration went from 97% to 115%; and
bulletEmergency Housing Rehabilitation Assistance went from $3000 to $50000 effective immediately.

October 11, 2001

Winifred McGee presented the $157,641 - 2002 West Nile Virus Surveillance and Control Grant application for approval.

Susan Klarsch and Mary Ann Sattazahn received a proclamation for Red Ribbon Week promoting a drug free lifestyle. Ribbons will the distributed to schools, churches, and businesses in Lebanon County for October 22-27, 2001.

Kenneth Bachem opened bids for an upgrade to existing elevators to meet handicap accessibility standards. Block Elevator in Mt. Joy bid $137,978. Reading Elevator, Reading bid $152,000.

Richard Kohler was admitted as a resident of Renova Center.

Commissioners signed a PennDOT Certification of Undue Financial Burden, Waiver of Local Match Requirement under Act 26 of 1991 and Act 3 of 1997. Section 1310 and 1311(d) provide that no local match shall be required from certain local transit entities for dedicated funding and supplemental public transportation assistance funding.

Also, a grant for $91,743 was signed for Education and Equipment for the Lebanon County Recycling Program under Act 101, Section 902.

The following transfers were authorized for principal and interest due 10/15/01:

bullet$210,000 from the General Fund to the 1985 General Obligation Bond Sinking Fund on the 1985 GOB Series B Bond Issue.
bullet$210,000 from the 1985 Sinking Fund Account to the 1985 Bond & Coupon Account at Fulton Financial for the 1985 B Bond Issue.
bullet$97,128.75 from the General Fund to the 1996 Sinking Fund at Fulton Financial for the 1996 GOB Issue.
bullet$97,128.75 from the 1996 Sinking Fund to the 1996 Bond & Coupon Account at Fulton Financial for the 1996 GOB Issue.
bullet$799,928.13 from the General Fund to the 1999 Sinking Fund at Fulton Financial for the 1999 GOB Issue.
bullet$799,928.13 from the 1999 Sinking Fund to the 1999 Bond & Coupon Account at Fulton Financial for the 1999 GOB Issue.

October 4, 2001

Phyllis Holtry and Michael Barrett presented a Food Stamp Participation Project and Medical Assistance Transportation Program application in the amount of $50,000 for approval. The project will be sub-contracted to the Housing Authority Social Services to hire a fulltime person and utilize 20% of a current bilingual staff person's time. This program will:

bulletIncrease public awareness and knowledge;
bulletIncrease applications and participation; &
bulletEncourage long-term community based cooperation that enhances participation and enrollment assistance activities.

A contract was signed with COLT for transportation for the Medical Assistance Transportation program.

The Retirement Board met to discuss Medical Benefits.

A $21,994 Juvenile Prosecutor Continuation Subgrant Award for the Drug Control System Improvement Program was signed.

A $5,266 grant agreement with the PA Department of Health for provision of treatment, prevention and intervention services was also signed.

Chad Firestone, Deirdre Eshelman, and Paul Zechman presented an overview of JNET-the PA Justice Network--a secure "virtual single system" network connecting State, County, and Local Justice Agencies for the sharing of justice information for authorized users. This is a collaborative effort of sixteen state agencies to build a secure integrated justice system.

September 27, 2001

Michael Kristovensky and Carol Levengood, met with the Commissioners to present awards for Older Worker Week (September 23-29) to Tammy White, Director of Manpower of Harrisburg. Also in attendance were:

bulletJohn Marinkov, Business Employee of the Year-Sears and Roebuck
bulletRobert Boyer, Business Employee of the Year-Manpower
bulletTerry Anderson, Employer of the Year-Sears and Roebuck

A "Fitted Sheets" bid was awarded to Harbor Liner at the cost of $2996.25. Congressman Gekas provided a letter stating "there are no restrictions nor any problems with imports from Pakistan." In fact, the US wants to "help stabilize the Pakistan economy."

Francis Ulishney was reappointed to a three-year term on the South Central Workforce Board and its Youth Council to represent TANF and Lebanon County.

The following individuals were appointed to the Lebanon County Children & Youth Advisory Committee:

bulletJoseph Schlaffer
bulletRev. John Woodring
bulletAnn Hoover
bulletLaura Whitman

Alarm Device connections were approved for Salem United Church of Christ and Hill Terrace Limited Partnership.

The County contracted with

bulletCatholic Charities for counseling services at a cost of $7,000 to counsel low-income families/individuals. Funding is through Human Services Development Fund.
bulletLebanon County Housing Authority for $37,000 for case management at Housing Authority properties. Funding is through Human Services Development Fund.
bulletLebanon County Housing Authority for $143,126 for Homeless Assistance in the area of Bridge-Housing services. Funding is through the Department of Public Welfare.
bulletLebanon County Housing Authority for $106,729 for Hispanic Outreach, childcare, transportation, bridges, bridge housing and HARP. Funding is through CSBG.

Commissioners approved a Bridge Inspection Reimbursement Agreement, Resolution 9-27-01.

Commissioners signed an Administrative Agreement with the Capital Area Behavioral Health Collaborative to manage behavioral health services for Medicaid recipients. Pennsylvania implemented the mandatory Medicaid initiative known as HealthChoices. The right of first opportunity enabled Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon and Perry to form a non-profit 501(C)3 organization to provide administrative and clinical services.

September 20, 2001

Chris Peetros presented 2,046 signatures on petitions in opposition to expansion of Muir Airfield at Ford Indiantown Gap. Commissioners were asked to go on record in opposition of the Airport. However, because they have not made up their minds on how they will vote, Commissioners state they can not go on record at this time. Bonita and Jason Probst spoke about noise impacting animals and chickens; Carl Jarboe cited the City's population; and Dan Salerno also spoke.

John Sebastian introduced his staff from the association for Retarded Citizens.

Pay for Emergency Management Agency staff was approved for extra hours worked during the National Emergency on September 11, 2001: Clyde Miller, Annette Smith, Chris Miller, John Wilson, and Matthew Clements.

Jeff Imboden, Ruth Davis, and Ed Martin presented a $732,776 Crossroads grant application for approval. The grant will re-apply for Drug & Alcohol Treatment Based Restrictive IPP through the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency. The grant is for collaborative treatment based intermediate punishment, which will serve Level 3 & 4 non-violent drug and addicted offenders of Lebanon County.

Warden Robert Raiger presented a Professional Services Agreement with Justice Benefits Incorporated to explore opportunities to receive additional Federal Financial Participation funding from various agencies for housing of qualified inmates. JBI will be paid 22% of all revenue received under this four-year contract.

William Sullivan presented a grants-in-aid Application for $36,013 to improve the Juvenile Probation Services and $196,743 for Specialized Probation Services.

Christine McKinney and Charles Kern were admitted to Cedar Haven.

A c$2700 contract was signed with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Capital Region for the Human Services Agency.

September 19, 2001

The PA Department of education restored Cedar Haven's ability to conduct Certified Nursing Assistant training at the facility. Cedar Haven is the only nursing home in Lebanon County with this Certification.

The Fall Frolic at Cedar Haven was held on September 8th where approximately $9,000 was raised.

September 13, 2001

Donna Lutz, Recorder of Deeds, received permission to have her staff work one additional hour per day for the next three weeks to get caught up with the workload.

Jenny Murfy-Shifflet, Paul Zechman, Jennifer Gettle, and Nikki Soliday presented a 6th year Stop Violence Against Women--STOP grant for approval.

Commissioners then recessed to a ceremony at the flagpole in front of the Courthouse in remembrance of the victims of terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC and Somerset PA.

Ken Bachem recommended the award of bids for eight items at Cedar Haven:

ATD American $2544; Universal $2102; Harbor Linen $1743; Standard Textile $1771.20; Medline $5020.50; MD Brown Co. $1050; and Phoenix Textile $3840; Item four for fitted sheets was not awarded until Pakistan, location of the manufacturer, is investigated by the United States Government for possible involvement in terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

A contract was signed for the Medical Assistance Transportation Program through the Department of Public Welfare.

An $85,185 Supported Work Program contract for the Human Services Agency with the Housing Authority was approved. Also approved was an Assurance of Compliance to amend the pre-expenditure plan for Human Services Agency with an increased allocation from $58,864 to $81,656.

Nursing Home Intergovernmental Transfer Documents were approved for draw on October 2 and 3. The principal sum is $24,434,319.

Commissioners then met as the Board of Assessment Revision of Taxes to hear assessment appeals.

September 6, 2001

David Carl, Jamie Mallon, and Thomas Chiomenti updated Commissioners on Three Mile Island.

Tish Walmer, George Gress, and Cyndie Fuhrer introduced the Lebanon Valley Conservancy to Commissioners and requested funds from the County's 2002 budget.

Jeffrey Steckbeck presented Phase I & II on the Rexmont Dam feasibility study.

Grant Ruhl of Rexmont thanked everyone involved in the study.

Commissioners then sat as the County Board of Elections.

August 30, 2001

Chris Peetros presented a petition signed by 3,335 residents opposing the Muir Airfield expansion at Fort Indiantown Gap. Also speaking were Dan Salerno, Francis Ditzler, Bonita Propst, Ben Schriber, Joyce Kunkle, Paul Snyder, Carla Peetros, Jason Propst, Carl Jarboe, and Jeffrey Hearn.

Jeff Imboden presented a $364,185 grant-in-aid and Community Service Grant for Adult Probation to improve the Criminal Court Probation Services. In addition, a $43,155 Drug Control and System Improvement Program renewal application for the Community Service Program was approved.

President Judge Robert Eby; Judge Bradford Charles; William Sullivan, Juvenile Probation; and James Holtry, Children & Youth presented the Children & Youth and Juvenile Placement Budget along with reasons for the increase in spending.


bulletCounseling $250,000
bulletDay Treatment $15,000
bulletCommunity Residential $40,000
bulletFoster Family $50,000
bulletResidential Service $1,400,000
bulletJuvenile Detention $175,000
bulletYDC-YFC $400,000
bulletJuvenile Placement Budget $2,330,000
bulletC&Y Budget $4,048,000
bulletTotal Budget $6,378,000
bulletCounty Share $1,789,939

Kevin Shrum, Daniel Eisenhauer, Brenda Mettley, Carol Davies, and Susan Klarsch presented the ComCare Loan Mental Health Plan for approval. Resolution 8/30/01 authorizes incurring of non-electoral debt through the issuance of a $42,272 general obligation note of Lebanon County to purchase certain equipment ad $39,780 for ComCare to provide funds for working capital.

Deirdre Eshleman, Paul Zechman, and Carol Copeland presented a $54,475 Drug Control and System Improvement Program for use by Detectives for the Child Abuse Response Team; $25,879 for Domestic Violence Intervention; and $13,260 for the Children's Resource Center to pay for overtime and equipment for current Victim/Service Providers, and to fund a victims therapy group run by Philhaven Hospital and other counselors.

Bonnie Holzman's retirement was announced. Commissioners accepted her retirement with appreciation for the fine job that she has done throughout her employment with the County as an Intensive Case manager with Mental Health/Mental Retardation.

Susan Klarsch, Drug and Alcohol, presented $358,776 in quarter expenditures for approval: Approved facilities include: Evergreen Catholic Charities; Cem Mar House; Gate House for Men & Women Gaudenzia Common Ground, Fountain Springs, & Re-entry House; Roxbury; Halfway Home of Lehigh Valley; Cove Forge, Lutheran Center, Belleville, & Renewal Center; White Deer Run Harrisburg, Williamsport, Allenwood, & Lancaster; New Perspective

At a rate of $215, an agreement for secure Detention Services with Dauphin county was approved for detention beds at the Herbert A Schaffner Youth Center, Steelton.

August 22, 2001

Auditor General Robert Casey's office spent five weeks auditing Cedar Haven and cited no problems.

Robert McNary reviewed activities of the Lebanon Valley Economic Development Corporation.

James Gnecco, of Spagnola Cosack reviewed the second quarter performance of the Lebanon County Retirement Fund.

Thomas Behney, former County Commissioner, presented a letter from Stanilla, Siegel and Maser PC concerning medical benefits for retired employees using excess funding from the retirement plan.

Ken Bachem, purchasing agent, opened bids for Cedar Haven linen. Contracts will be awarded next week.

$299,774 was paid for the development rights to a North Lebanon Township farm. Harvey, Kathy & Joel Bomgardner placed their 132.67-acre farm into preservation. Conservation District Manager Chuck Wertz was present for the presentation.

A right-to-be-heard hearing was held on the Phares Musser farm, but no public comment was heard.

William Kurtz, Frank Smoker Jr., Timothy Zimmerer, Ed Anspach, Glenn Wogelmuth, Robert McNary, Trudy Trautman, Dale Snader, David Etter, and Edward Cosgrove presented the Commissioners with a feasibility study report for a possible Lebanon County Airport.

August 16, 2001

Robert McNary and John O'Neal received approval for a Tax Increment Financing District--resolution 8-16-01 for Bayer Corporation.

August 9, 2001

James Holtry and Karen Alonzo, presented the Children and Youth budget, but after a lengthy discussion about expenditures, a motion was made and passed to request an extension to August 31, 2001 for filing with the Department of Public Welfare. However, Tressler Care and Specialized Treatment Services were approved to provide child welfare services.

Red Rose Transit Authority received approval to submit a $75,000 Transit Research and Demonstration Grant for developing and implementing a regional mobility initiative in a six-county ride-sharing project.

Edward L Arnold, Betty Conner and Jo Ellen Litz were appointed to the Resource Conservation and Development District to pursue a cost-effective Federal Government delivery system to build local working relationships for conservation and development of natural resources that enhance social and economic conditions in the United States.

A Tax and Revenue Note--Resolution 8-89-01 authorized the issuance of a tax and revenue anticipation note in the maximum principal amount of $24,434,319 with Mellon Bank.

District Attorney Deirdre Eshleman and Carol Copeland met with the commissioners and received approval for submit the following grants:

VOJO-Victims of Juvenile Offenders $34,375.00
RASA-Rights & Services Act $46,935.00
CART-Child Abuse Response Team $32,608.00

Phyliss Holtry presented the $252,094 Human Services Development Fund, $81,656 MATP-Medical Assistance Transportation Program, and $124,643 SWP reports for submission to the Department of Public Welfare. An additional $3,395 reimbursement request will also be submitted, bringing the total report to $485,051. Another $134,599 pre-expenditure plan for MATP was also approved for submission to DPW.

July 26, 2001

Vicki Reigle and James Holtry presented an application for federal juvenile justice and delinquency prevention to the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency. The Title V Act funds total $35,000, $65,000, and $50,000 for 2001, 2002, and 2003 respectively.

Resolution 7-16-01 designated the Lebanon Valley Economic Development Corporation as the recipient of $48,751 in Local Economic Development Assistance funds. The program provides financial assistance to industrial development agencies to implement comprehensive economic development programs in respective counties of PA.

A deed was approved and signed transfering 62.79 acres of land from Hershey Foods Corporation to the Lebanon Valley Economic Development Corporation for the sum of $1.

July 19, 2001

Sarah Smith was appointed to the Drug and Alcohol Executive Commission.

July 18, 2001

As a result of a power outage at a GPU Substation, Cedar Haven received $8,157.53 in damage to air conditioning compressors. The bill will be presented to the insurance carrier.

Amendments to Ordinance #25, Hotel Room Rental Tax dated 6/28/01, were approved for advertising.

July 12, 2001

Due to a downward trend in interest rates resulting in an upward workload for their office, one hour of straight overtime was approved for the Recorder of Deeds staff.

Kevin Schrum, Dan Eisenhauer, and Susan Klarsch presented a Capital Area Behavioral Health Collaborative ComCare no-interest loan request for $82,000. The funds will cover implementation, start up and development of an information system for the HealthChoices program.

In addition, a technical assistance grant was submitted to the County Commissioners Association of PA.

Finally, a $20,015 technical assistance self-determination project for implementation of Family Driven Support Services like supportive employment and community integrated leisure services was approved.

Charles Wertz presented easement purchases for Amy L Bennetch's 125 acre farm in Millcreek Township and Richard & Mary Brubaker's 131.47 acre farm in Jackson Township at a public hearing for inclusion in the Farmland Preservation program.

To inspect county and municipal bridges, an 80% reimbursement of $231,359.19 was submitted to the PA Department of Transportation (County share $57,839.55 for a total of $289,197.74).

Curtis Troutman was approved for reappointment to the Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council and Harry Hess, Steve Gallarizzo, Nancy Miller, Marlin Wolf, and Jill Braught were also appointed to the AAA board.

July 5, 2001

Commissioners recognized Pat Richards for twenty-four years of outstanding service to the County of Lebanon. Pat's retirement is effective 10/4/01.

A Human Services Fiscal Status Report for the Community Services Block Grant was filed with the Department of Community and Economic Development.

Ken Bachem recommended Brightbill Body be awarded the $2500 contract for the sale of the Area Agency on Aging's 1987 44-passenger Blue Bird bus.

Charles Wertz received Commissioner's signatures for a $110,000 discretionary grant to be filed with the Greater Harrisburg Foundation.

John O'Neill, VP of Bayer in Myerstown was present for a Tax Increment Financing public hearing concerning 18.458 acres in Jackson Township, north of the existing building #2. Bayer will invest about $60,000 and create around 80 news jobs. 

June 28, 2001

Commissioners adopted Ordinance #25 imposing a 2% Hotel Room Rental Tax to fund tourist promotion as allowed in County Code, Act of August 9, 1955 imposing and establishing a rate of tax; providing for collection, deposit, and distribution of revenues; authorizing expenditures of the tax; establishing the effective date; and authorizing all other necessary action. The commissioner's vote was unanimous.

A Law Enforcement/School Cooperative Agreement for $5992 for the Lebanon County Detective Bureau and DARE Northern Lebanon Schools was signed.

Renova Center and Ephrata Area Rehabilitation Services (EARS) was signed for Adult Training and Work Activities services: $13.63 per half day; $27.25 per full day; and $13.11 per half day Work Activities Services.

An addendum to a Music Therapy Consultant Agreement with Patricia Ellwein, was approved at the rate of $26 per half-hour session and $50 per assessment.

Phyllis Holtry presented Human Services Development Fund and Temporary Assistance for Needy families budgets totaling $252,094 for approval: Catholic Charities, Home Delivered Meals, Homemakers, Adult Day Care, Home Support, Personal Care, Protective, Student Assistance Program, Crisis, Housing Authority, Out of County Transportation, Focus, Big Brother/Big Sister, and Human Services.

A $15,823 TANF budget was approved.

James Holtry and Karen Alonzo presented provider contracts from: Adelphoi Village, Alternative Rehabilitation, Bair Foundation, Bethanna, Bethany Children's Home, the Bradley Center, Catholic Charities, Children's Home of York, CHOR, Clearbrook, Coby's Family Services, Commissioners of Berks, Concern, Cornell Abraxas, Daron Shelter, Devereaux, Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation, Families United Network, Family Care for Children & Youth, Family Care Services, Friendship House, George Junior Republic, Glen Mills Schools, Harborcreek Youth Services, Hoffman Homes for Youth, Hoplen Village, Holy Family Institute, House of His Creation, Kids Peace, Laurel Youth Services, Lourdesmont, Lutheran Home at Topton, The Meadows Psychiatric Center, Mechanicsburg Children's Home, Mission Home Ministries, Northwestern Human Services of PA, Northwestern Human Services of Lehigh Valley, Open Door Children & Youth Services, Philhaven Hospital, Pressley Ridge, Schaffner Youth Center, St. Gabriel's, St. Michael's School for Boys, Tressler Care, Vision Quest, White Deer Run, & Youth Services of Bucks County,.

Personal Contracts were approved with Alpha Counseling & Medication Center, Childcare Programs of Luthercare, Jonathan Davis, Susan Emerich, Fredericksburg Family Therapy & Counseling Center, Henry & Beaver, Robert A Hopstetter, John T Hower, Keys and Burkett, Lebanon County Youth Advocate Programs, Lebanon Family Health Services, Lebanon Valley family YMCA Child Care, Georgianna Leininger/Lebanon County Juvenile Probation, Life Management Associates, the Milton S Hershey Medical Center, ParentWorks, Pinnacle Health Systems, Preventative Aftercare, Psychological Health Affiliates, & Renaissance Counseling Center.

Finally, a Hazardous Material Emergency Response Preparedness Assessment Report was approved and signed.

June 20, 2001

Susan Klarsch, Dr. Michael Fry, and Carol Davies presented a Street Outreach Prevention Project (STOPP) whereby intravenous drug users are sought out and encouraged to enter treatment.

Kevin Schrum, Daniel Eisenhauer, Michael Kristovensky, and Susan Klarsch suggested Philhaven Hospital provide Crisis Intervention Services for the County.

Provider contracts were approved for MHMR with: AHEDD, Allegheny Valley Schools, Area Agency on Aging, Catholic Charities, Community Services Group, COMPEER, Crisis Intervention, DDS, Early Intervention, Ephrata Area Rehab, Friendship, Keystone Children & Family, Halcyon, Healing Touch Physical Therapy, Keystone Community Residence, Lancaster Lebanon IU 13, Living Unlimited, Lynch Homes, PA Counseling, Philhaven, Phoenix, Quest, C. Roscoe, SARRC, B. Saylor, Speech Care, Stillmeadow, Susquehanna Association of Blind, & B Development Therapy & Infant for a total of $8,448,970.

June 21, 2001

Scott Aungst appeared in support of the 2% Hotel tax, however, he was against 45% going to PA Capital Region Vacation Bureau.

Susan Klarsch and Carol Davies presented Provider Contracts for MHMR: White Deer Run, Pa Counseling Services, Holy Spirit Hospital, Philhaven, Naaman Center, Discovery House, Abraxas Foundations, Gate House for Men/Women, Gaudenzia, Bowling Green, Clear Brook, Fire Tree, Harwood House, Penn Foundation, Recovery Center, Roxbury, St. Lukes Hospital, Evergreen House, Clem-Mar House, Catholic Charities, Lancaster General Hospital-Susquehanna Division, Nuestra Clinica, Pyramid, Daystat Center, Treatment Trends, Caron Foundation, Kaleidoscope Creative Services, JD Streiff, Bill Carl, and Aids Community Alliance.

Kevin Schrum presented a Crisis Intervention Service Contract and the MR final provider contracts for approval. Kathy Williams, Phil Hess, Michael Kristovensky, Phyllis Holtry, and Brenda Mettley were present.

Philhaven will administer the Crisis Intervention and Information Services Program for the Office of MHMR from the Good Samaritan Hospital. They will meet the needs of the community by performing all functions and services of the current Crisis program administered by GSH. Philhaven will also provide licensed MH Crisis services required for HealthChoices.

The following revised MHMR contracts were approved: Community Services group, Mount Hope Church, AHEDD, Lynch Homes, Phoenix Services, Halcyon Activities Center, Ephrata Area Rehab Services, Quest, DDS, Area Agency on Aging, DDR-Dr. Bruey, Hempfield-Dr. Rosen, Computer Training Solutions, Living Unlimited Program, Debra J Andreas, Stillmeadow, Community Services Group, Lynch Homes, Phoenix Services, Community Services Group, Allegheny Valley Schools, Keystone Community Residence, Friendship Community Residence, Brooke Saylor, Ephrata Community Rehabilitation, Tri-County Human Services Center, Margaret Backo, Keystone Community Residence, Area Agency on Aging, Just Like Family, Mike Guerrisi, & The ARC PF Dauphin/Lebanon Counties.

Kenneth Bachem and Michael Kristovensky opened bids for a sale of a used 44 passenger bus: Trinity Baptist, Elm PA $2500; CMTS, Bernville PA $1025; and Brightbill Body Works, Lebanon PA $2500.00.

Michael Kristovensky was also issued signatory authority for the Area Agency on Aging. In addition a new cooperative agreement was signed with the Department of Aging to provide state and federal funding to AAA for the provision of services during the next three years. The maximum cost to the Department for the three-year period shall be $6,228,228.

A PDA Over 60 Waiver Grant Agreement with the department of Aging was also signed by Commissioners to provide state and federal funding to AAA for administration of this program.

Signatory Authority applicable to funding agreements and other contractual documents with the exception of binding the initial Aging Block Grant funding agreement with the Department of Aging was also signed.

Finally, a $50,527/fiscal year Electronic Monitoring Continuation Subgrant Award with the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency was signed for the Adult Probation Department.

June 14, 2001

William Kurtz presented a briefing on the Airport Feasibility Study master plan for a public/private facility at Fort Indiantown Gap.

A $144,889 contract for 44 clients in the Supported Work Program was signed with the Department of Community and Economic Development.

June 7, 2001

Kevin Schrum and Brenda Mettley received approval to submit to the PA Department of Public Welfare; the Implementation Plan developed with input from family members and providers to meet critical needs of Lebanon County residents with mental retardation.

Jamie Wogelmuth, Robert Mettley, Kathleen Pflueger, and M. Lee Moyer presented and received approval for a $2375 Phase 1 Website Design proposal by Jason C. Say of

A $29,325 Juvenile Prosecutor Grant was approved and signed for submittal by the District Attorney's office to the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency to expand the part-time prosecutor position to full-time status.

Expenses were approved on a 2-1 vote with Commissioner Carpenter voting "Nay" to send Robert Rothermel to the Annual Jury Commissioners Conference.

Jennifer Shay was appointed to the Drug and Alcohol board.

Commissioners plan to implement a 2% hotel room rental tax on September 1, 2001. Expected revenue of $98,915 per year will be used 45% by the PA Capital Region Vacation Bureau, 45% for County recreation initiatives, and the final 10% by the County Treasurer for administration and disbursement of funds.

May 31, 2001

James Holtry and Karen Alonzo presented Children and Youth third quarter invoices for approval: IV-E Adoption Assistance $20,790.44, IV-E Placement Maintenance, $303,864.84, and Medicaid $4,127.94. In addition, $32,061.10 worth of supplemental invoices and $12.71 in revised invoices were approved for a total of $360,857.03.

A contract with Daniel Shaffer was approved as a Relief Houseparent at the rate of $8.50 per hour.

Resolution 5-31-01 approved a three-year extension through 2003 of the Keystone Opportunity Zone in the City of Lebanon

An $8,944 grant was submitted to the PA Emergency Response Fund.

A proclamation declaring Miracle Children's Week supporting afflicted children born premature or with serious birth defects or illnesses in hopes they are able to live normal lives.

May 24, 2001

Mayor Jackie Parker, Kathleen O'Hara, and Robert McNary and Karen Haitos from the Economic and Development Corporation requested a three-year extension to the City's Keystone Opportunity Zone. The request was tabled until Commissioners had time to review submitted material.

Commissioners passed a resolution proclaiming May 31 as Donald J. Klugle Day. Mr. Klugle was a 45-year veteran educator in the Eastern Lebanon School District where he taught both history and government.

May 16 & 17, 2001

Kevin Schrum, Dan Eisenhauer, and Clyde Flickenger presented MHMR contracts for approval from: Philhaven Hospital, Halcyon Activities Center, Community Services Group, Beth Reeves, Susan Rusen, Amanda Toth, Shannon Rhodes, Just Like Family, Reading Specialist, and Development and Disability Services.

A $5,112 liquid fuels application for Jackson Township was approved for submittal to Penn DOT.

Daniel Bixler, Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Emergency Services Manager, received a proclamation recognizing the vital public service providing lifesaving care 24 hours a day, seven days a week by mostly volunteers who engage in thousands of hours of specialized training and continuing education to enhance their lifesaving skills. Quality EMS dramatically improves the survival and recovery rate of those who experience sudden illness or injury.

James Gnecco, partner in Spagnola-Cosack, presented the 1st quarter retirement fund report.

Joe Lecisko and Thomas Parise, presented the Area Agency on Agings $2,797,668 amended budget.

May 10, 2001

Abigail and Carl Jarboe again expressed their disapproval of any funding going to the Lebanon Family Health building and informed Commissioners of their intent to file a class action suit against the Commissioners.

An alarm and connection device agreement for $80 installation and $120 yearly monitoring fee was approved for Electrom, Inc., Palmyra.

The following mobile homes are no longer in Lebanon County and were exonerated from taxes:

bulletPatricia Finnefrock, 1999 & 2000, $38.76
bulletTammy Lee Winters & Charles W Smith, 2000, $123.12
bulletKenneth Miller, 2000, $52,44
bulletLance Vanderhaden, 2000, $34.20
bulletJohn D Light, 2000, $50.16
bulletJames Vallatti, 1999 & 2000, $91.40
bulletFrancis C Batz, 2000, $38.76
bulletGlenn Warren Jr., 2000, $27.36

Sharon Swanger, Social Security, presented Brenda Ceresini and Clyde Flickenger with Public Service Awards in recognition of their accounting contributions. Robert Raiger, Kevin Schrum, and Carol Davies were on hand for the ceremony.

May 3, 2001

Student Government Day brought the following students and mentors together:

bulletAdam Bentz ACHS with Commissioner Carpenter
bulletTara Sandhu CCHS with Commissioner Swanger
bulletGregory Moyer ELHS with Commissioner Arnold
bulletAshley Jefferson PAHS with Administrator Wolgemuth
bulletRyan White CCHS with Personnel Director Robson

According to The United Front Foundation members Arthur Gould and William Dumas, they were dissatisfied with the public defense of Chris Molin and want another trial with a new lawyer.

Senator Brightbill, Representative Zug, and Robert Funk, were present for the awarding of a $101,960 feasibility study to Steckbeck Engineering for repair of the Rexmont Dams.

Redith Snoberger and Judy Feather requested the Commissioners consider a donation toward the $1.2 million construction of the new SARCC building to be located at 615 Cumberland St., Lebanon.

Abigail Jarboe and Colleen Reilly objected. Mayor Betty Eiceman pointed out the Women, Infants, and Children's Program and mammograms were offered by SARCC.

Ken Bachem and Ed Schlegel requested an emergency purchase resolution to purchase a $50,000 wash machine for Cedar Haven. To expedite the purchase process, rather than pay $12,000 in overtime to run the remaining two wash machines, Commissioners approved telephone quotes.

Karen Sandoe received a proclamation recognizing ChildCare Providers. Our future depends on the quality of the early childhood experiences provided to young children. 13 million children are in child care at least part time.

Susan Killinger was appointed to a three-year term on the Drug and Alcohol Board.

Richard Bowers was re-appointed to a three-year term on the Renova Center Board.

Municipal applications for county aid were approved for submittal to PennDOT:

bulletS Londonderry $3527
bulletCity of Lebanon $21,000
bulletHeidelberg $4694
bulletE Hanover $4717
bulletW Cornwall $1363
bulletPalmyra $4862
bulletJonestown $945.

The Lebanon County Housing and Redevelopment Authority received approval to administer financial aid to South Lebanon Township.

April 26, 2001

Susan Klarsch and Carol Davies, Drug & Alcohol, received approval for the $794,455 Third Quarter Budget and $736,216 actual expense report.

A $23,777.73 PA Emergency Management Agency Hazardous Material Response Fund application for payment of necessary and authorized expenditures which cannot otherwise be paid from the County's own Act 165 funds was passed.

Stacy Clauss, Renova Center, received approval for a dental agreement with Dr. Brett Hoover to provide services to residents of the Renova Center facility at a rate of $85 per hour.

John Strack, West Nile Virus and Surveillance inspector, reported to the Commissioners about a tire collection to be held June 27 & 28 at the Lebanon Expo Center for residents of Lebanon County.

Mike Kristovensky brought an office sub-lease agreement for the Area Agency on Aging, at the Lebanon Valley Senior Center, to the Commissioners for approval:

Office 3,564 square feet @ $9.54/square foot = $34,025 per year and 182 square feet of storage space @ $3.87/square foot = $705.84 per year. Rates can increase by 2.5% or the Consumer Price Index.

Kevin Schrum and Dan Eisenhauer along with Susan Klarsh presented a contract for HealthChoices implementation, a mandated managed care for MA recipients in Adams, Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lebanon, Lehigh, Lancaster, Northampton, Perry and York Counties. The agreement will take effect October 1, 2001.

The $22,700 Medical Assistance Transportation third quarter report was also approved.

April 18, 2001

All indications are that an audit of Cedar Haven by Auditor General Bob Casey is satisfactory.

On behalf of the Good Samaritan Hospital, the Veterans Administration Medical Center, and Philhaven Hospital, Robert Longo, Peggy Dubble, Kathleen Williams, Marie Garmen, and Ethel Shank received proclamations from the Commissioners and Mayor Parker for Nurses Week and National Health Care Week for their outstanding efforts and commitment to serving the community with high quality health care programs.

A proclamation for National Crime Victims' Rights Week was also handed to Carol Copeland and Emily Scipioni, to ensure that all crime victims are treated with the dignity and respect they so rightly deserve.

A $93,107.50 grant was submitted to the PA DEP for the West Nile Surveillance and Control Funding for the Mosquito Integrated Pest Management Program in Lebanon County.

At the request of the Department of Public Welfare, an original allocation of $47,316 was increased to $53,848 for the 2000 Medical Assistance Transportation Program.

Liquid Fuels applications for municipalities were submitted to PA DOT as follows:

West Lebanon $796 Myerstown $2438 Union $3559
Annville $3204 Swatara $3695 South Lebanon $7614
North Annville $3083 North Lebanon $6489 North Londonderry $2910
Cornwall $3044 Millcreek $3695  
North Cornwall $3335 Bethel $4861  
Richland $939 Mt Gretna $346  

April 12, 2001

Girl Scouts Leslie Kreiser, Selina Walker, Christie Rothgaber, and Vanessa Ristenbatt from Troop #1488 shadowed Commissioners Carpenter, Swanger & Arnold, and Administrator Wolgemuth.

Guy Weiderhold, Tim Sheffey, Ed Schlegel, Melinda Peiffer and other union representatives and employees were present when Commissioners approved and signed a five year Collective Bargaining Agreement with AFSCME Council 89 for Cedar Haven Employees.

A $31,055 Continuation Sub-grant for the Gatekeeper Program was submitted to the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency through a Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant Program.

To pay principal and interest due on the 1985 Series B Bond Issue, $210,000 was moved from the General Fund to the 1985 General Obligation Bond Sinking Fund, then to the 1985 Bond and Coupon Account at Lebanon Valley Farmers Bank.

Likewise, to pay principal and interest due on the 1996 General Obligation Bond, $33,298.75 was moved from the General Fund to the 1996 Sinking Fund, then to the 1996 Bond and Coupon Account at Lebanon Valley Farmers Bank.

Finally, to pay principal and interest due for the 1999 General Obligation Bond, $225,608.82 was moved from the General Fund to the 1999 Sinking Fund, then to the 1999 Bond and Coupon Account at Lebanon Valley Farmers Bank.

A $35,000 grant from DCNR and $15,000 from International Paper was presented to complete a Natural Areas Inventory for Lebanon County. Present were Anthony Davis, Sue Yenchke, George Gress, Matthew Herrera, Ron Ramsey, Scott Anderson, Randy Gray, Tisha Walmer, Jean Henry, William Kurtz, and M. Lee Meyer.

APRIL 5, 2001

Phyllis Holtry presented a $67,609 renewal application for the Supportive Housing Program.

The following people were reappointed to the County of Lebanon Transit Authority:

bulletAllen Freed, Thomas Brandt, Linda Jackson, Franklin Shearer, Rev. John Shenk, and Patricia Boltz.

A conceptual letter of endorsement was also signed to provide transportation for eligible Transportation Assistance to Needy Family clients using the Welfare to Work Program.

March 29, 2001

Jenny Murphy-Shifflet received a Proclamation for sexual Assault Awareness Month:

bulletNon-stranger and stranger rape and sexual assault affect women, children and men of all racial, cultural and economic backgrounds. Women, children and men suffer multiple types of sexual violence, and the department of Justice reports that a sexual assault occurs every 90 seconds. It is estimated by the Bureau of Justice Statistics that over 70% if rapes are never reported to police. In addition to the immediate and emotional costs, sexual assault may also have associated consequences of post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, major depression, homelessness, eating disorders and suicide.
bulletIt is important to recognize the compassion and dedication of the individuals, who provide services to survivors and work to increase the public understanding of this significant problem through education and important partnerships formed with criminal and juvenile justice agencies, allied professionals and victim services. Individual and collective efforts reflect our dream for a community where no sexual assault victim goes unserved or ever feels there is no path to justice and where citizens work toward eliminating all forms of sexual violence.

Commissioners also voted to continue the Sobriety Checkpoint and Expanded DUI/Underage Drinking Enforcement grant for $31,041 for the County Detectives Bureau.

Abigail Jarboe filed a suit against the County of Lebanon objecting to free envelopes provided to attorneys in the Prothonotary/Clerk of Courts Office.

March 21, 2001

Marcia Krause, Assistant Administrator of Cedar Haven, and Melinda Peiffer, Director of Human Resources, met with the Commissioners at Cedar Haven.

Resolution 3-21-01 established private pay rates for Facility and Therapeutic Leave days as follows:

bulletNursing Facility Services in the Medicare Certified Unit, 3f, $200/day
bulletNursing Facility Services in other units, $160/day
bulletHospitalized resident's beds will be reserved for a 50% discount rate--$100 and $80 respectively.

A Utilization Management Review Team inspected medical records.

Jamie Wogelmuth, James Earnshaw, Jason Nelson, and M Lee Moyer will attend a "Building the Virtual Courthouse" seminar in Harrisburg.

A $20,000/$100,000 STOP Grant split-award notice was submitted for 2000/01 to the PA Commission on crime and Delinquency.

March 15, 2001

A $239,939 CSBG-Community Services Block Grant budget amendment was approved:

bulletHousing Assistance Resource Program (HAPP) $32,100
bulletEmployment Transportation $3,000
bulletBridges $16,290
bulletClient Eligibility $11,280
bulletHispanic Outreach $40,000
bulletChild Care $56,000
bulletCase Management $17,951
bulletHuman Services $61,508

A$1 bid from Dale Yingst was accepted for a mobile home sold from the Repository of Unsold properties in the Tax Claim Office.

An alarm connection device was approved for Elvin & Helen Hurst of Nemanstown.

The PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency grant funding cycle for Adult Probation Intermediate Punishment programs was approved.

The Capital Area Behavioral Health Collaborative intergovernmental agreement with Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon and Perry Counties was signed to jointly manage behavioral health services for Medicaid citizens.

A $215 per day agreement was signed with Dauphin County Juvenile Probation for secure detention services at the Herbert A Schaffner Youth Center.

A $180 per day service agreement was also signed with Berks County for Youth Center bed space at the detention center and $150 per day for shelter care.

March 8, 2001

Chuck Wertz and Brett Lentz presented Farmland Preservation agreements for signing: Amy Bennetch for a 125 acre farm in Millcreek Township and Richard & Mary Brubaker for a 131 acre farm in Jackson Township.

Jennifer Gettle, Carol Copeland, and Alicia Fioravanti presented an $86,626 grant application for Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) for a Coordinator and two advocates and a Hispanic Outreach Provider to direct services to all victims of crime including juvenile, Hispanic, and personal injury crime victims. In addition, they presented a $1,000 Falcon Foundation Project Grant application for Gatekeeper Board operations costs targeting first time non-violent juvenile offenders in the Cornwall-Lebanon School District.

Ingrid McGill, Nancy Cotton, Mark Hoffman, and Brenda Mettley presented a Mental Retardation Awareness Month proclamation to the Commissioners. Mental retardation originates before or during birth; or in early childhood resulting in a slowness or limitation in intellectual, emotional or social development.

James Holtry and Karen Alonzo presented a $512,931.47 Children and Youth invoice and contract for approval:

bulletIV-E Adoption Assistance $19,139.43
bulletIV-E Placement Maintenance $320,981.68
bulletTANF $116,495.00
bulletMedicaid $2,551.66
bullet1st Quarter Supplement $53,763.70 (TANF)

The Lebanon County Historical Society will receive $16,000 for general operating support from county government

A $289,197.74 engineering agreement with Wilson Consulting to inspect and inventory eighty (80) county and municipal bridges was signed.

Municipal liquid fuels applications for county aid were approved for North Cornwall, $3,335 and North Cornwall, $10,000.

Olga Stoner was reappointed to the Drug and Alcohol Board.

Commissioners signed the County farm deed transferring ownership to Ronald and Brenda Copenhaver for $365,000. The Bricker Lane farm in South Annville and North Cornwall Townships was auctioned on January 22, 2001.

 March 1, 2001

A $23,743 agreement for TANF-Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Block Grant-for the provision of juvenile probation emergency assistance services for delinquent children was approved.

A three-year $150,000 ($50,000 per year) grant application for a Lebanon County "Communities that Care" prevention plan through Human Services was approved for submittal to the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

A $27,017.60 agreement was signed to maintain and improve the effectiveness of the Child Support Enforcement Program through financial payment for services to Joseph M Hill, Jr. to assure functions are properly, efficiently, and effectively carried out.

Michael Cosack, Spagnola-Cosack, presented the 4th quarter retirement fund report.

 February 21&22, 2001

Carmelle Hernley, Therese Cordaro, and Commissioner Arnold were reappointed to the Renova Center Advisory Board.

James Holtry received approval to submit a $22,514 grant for Title IV-E Independent Living for Children & Youth Services.

Ken Bachem opened bids for a Folder Stacker at Cedar Haven: Telematic, Huntingdon Valley PA, no bid: GA Braun, Syracuse NY, $42,700; CILS, Palmyra, $41,200.

At the rate of $1000 per month, Medical Care of Lebanon County/Myerstown Family Practice will provide services to Renova Center.

February 15, 2001

The Commissioners signed a Court Appointed Professional Labor Agreement covering 2001-2004.

Melvyn Kaplan and Raymond Bender received approval for a $445,588 Community Block Grant application as follows:

bulletPalmyra Boro Curb Cuts $47,000
bulletE Hanover Street Pave $50,000
bulletSwatara M'ville Sewer $50,000
bulletMillcreek Street Pave $10,500
bulletMid Pen Legal Services    Legal Services $7,500
bulletCounty Housing Rehab $50,000
bulletCounty Homebuyer $130,383
bulletCounty Building ADA $20,000
bulletCounty General Admin $68,385
bulletCounty Planning        $10,820
bulletCounty Audit        $1,000

                    TOTAL $445,588

Robert DiMatteo was reappointed to the Housing & Redevelopment Authority Board.

Norm Allen presented a 4th quarter Retirement Fund investment review for CS McKee.

Michael Steiner, Karen Sitler, and David Gates recognized the Lebanon Planning Department as the first state delegated agency in southcentral PA authorizing final responsibility for the County's on-lot sewage program. Bill Kurtz, Gordon Sheetz and Lori Books also took part in the event.

A $10.71/hour purchase of service agreement contract with Georgianna Leininger was approved and signed by Commissioners.

A $62,924 Emergency Management Performance Grant was signed for federally assisted projects for EMA: Emergency Program Manager, $23,859; Emergency Management Executive $16,485; and Operations and Training Officer, $22,580.

Sighting heavy truck traffic and excessive water usage, Commissioner Arnold expressed concern over a corporate egg farm proposed for South Annville Township.

February 8, 2001

The Department of Community and Economic Development, in the form of an amendment, raised the Human Service Agency's allocation for direct services from $211,000 to $220,756, and will return a total of $9,756.

Through the PA Commission of Crime and Delinquency, a $15,000 project modification is available to bridge a funding gap for a LCD projector and consultant for Human Services.

A consultant agreement in the amount of $10,350 was signed with William L Carl for the purpose of developing and delivering 19 Purchase of Service contracts for Drug and Alcohol contractors.

A Certification of Undue Financial Burden waiver for $50,279 of local match was signed on behalf of the Rural Operating Assistance Transportation project for the County of Lebanon Transit Authority.

February 1, 2001

Jeffrey Geesaman and Jason Wolfe received a proclamation declaring February 4-10, 2001 as Scout Expo Week.

Alletta Schadler was appointed to the Lebanon County Library System Board.

The following 2000 Liquid Fuels Report was signed and submitted to PennDOT:

2000 Revenue $249,450.17
2000 Expenditures $153,966.23
Encumbrances $200,439.00
Available Funds $31,868.70

A $5,546 Century Rebate Grant was submitted to DCED.

A $66,467 Community Service Program application for Adult Probation to acquire federal funds was submitted to the Drug Control and System Improvement Program.

A $4000 grant for the Courts Juvenile Justice Video program was also submitted to DCSI.

The Lickdale Fire Company was exonerated from paying 2001 taxes on their property at map and lot # 101A/24.

The County was exonerated from paying 2001 taxes on their county farm at map and lot # 29/041/030.

A proclamation was approved for Robert P Hoffman of Beers, Schillaci and Hoffman for presentation at the Lebanon Valley Sertoma Club's J Robert Ladd Community Service Awards banquet.

James Holtry and Karen Alonzo of Children and Youth received approval for a $65,000 Supplemental IV-E invoice. 

January 25, 2001

Joseph Seibert presented KPMG Peat Marwick's 1999 audit results of County records.

Deirdre Eshleman and Alicia Fioravanti presented a $34,160 Gatekeeper Program grant for approval. In addition, commissioners approved a $25,000 Prosecutorial Advocate grant funded under the STOP Violence Against Women Grant from SARCC.

Namoi Hernandez-Fields was appointed to the MHMR Board.

Marlin Bennetch and Gary Lentz were reappointed and Patrick Kreiser and Ed Arnold were appointed to the Agricultural Preservation Board.

The 106-acre county farm was sold with proceeds included in $693,000 placed in a restricted account for matching funds for the purchase of agricultural conservation easements. Funds not used by December 31, 2002 will be available for the same purpose in subsequent years.

An $18,036 Medical Assistance Transportation report was approved and signed.

William Kurtz was authorized to sign a Delegation Agreement with the DEP Bureau of Water Quality Management.

January 17-18, 2001

On F-Wing floor of Cedar Haven, the HVAC replacement started today should be completed in one month. Since residents may experience minor disruptions, the PA Department of Health was notified.

A Supplemental Highway Safety Grant extension was signed for Sobriety Checkpoints and Expanded DUI/Underage Drinking Enforcement.

A 5-year agreement was signed with Wilson Consulting to inspect county and municipal bridges. The Federal Government pays Eighty percent (80%) of inspection costs.

Assessment Appeal hearing dates were approved as follows:

January 18 July 12 October 11
February 15 August 16 October 18
March 15 August 30 November 1
April 19 September 13 December 6
May 17 September 20  
June 14 October 4  


Perry Hilbert produced newsletter articles and a 1979 map about park concerns.

As a result of additional TANF funds available from the State Department of Public Welfare, a $65,000 TANF supplemental invoice was approved.

At a cost of $8.50 per hour capped or $136 per 16-hour shift, Gregory Clews was hired for consultation and care services to Children and Youth.

Commissioners signed a $39,854 continuation subgrant award for VOJO-Victims of Juvenile Offenders.

A $41,024 application for federal funding through the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency for the Child Abuse Response Team (CART) was approved.

January 11, 2001

To utilize the House Mosquito Integrated Pest Management Program, a $49,846 grant was submitted to the PA Department of Environmental Protection for the West Nile Surveillance and Control Program.

Over the next two weeks, ten additional hours of straight time were approved for employees of the Recorder of Deeds Office.

Wilson Consulting, Lewisberry PA was hired as the County's bridge engineering consultant.

Because of programmatic issues, a modification request to extend a STOP grant was submitted to the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

To suppress gypsy moth, a $7,828 grant was submitted to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for aerial spray of 1,619 acres.

Housing and Redevelopment Authority Representatives Melvyn Kaplan, Raymond Bender, and Betsy Bowman submitted a $487,360 Homeownership grant application. Commissioners voted to forward the application to the PA Department of Community and Economic Development.

Robert Copenhaver suggested using 10+ acres of the County farm to educate troubled youth about nature--thus, building character.

Perry Hilbert inquired about 1970's Project 500 funding for the County farm.

Ed Roznowski Jr. expressed concerns about Children and Youth Services.

January 4, 2001

A dozen citizens asked to have the County owned farm retained as a recreational area. Perry Hilbert, Ken Wenger, Joe Waybright, Kathy Ditzler, and Karen Light spoke for the group.

Robert "Bob" Copenhaver thanked the commissioners for the opportunity to farm the land over the past years.

Votes were taken for board reorganization:

bulletWilliam Carpenter, Chairman pro-tem and Chairman of the Board;
bulletRose Marie Swanger, Vice-Chairman;
bulletEdward L Arnold, Secretary;
bulletJamie Wogelmuth, Administrator;
bulletAdrienne C Snelling, Solicitor; and
bulletAll employees on the County payroll were reappointed to their respective positions.

The following meeting schedule was adopted:

bulletRegular and salary board meetings every Thursday, 9:30AM, Room 207, Municipal Building;
bulletThird Wednesday 10:30 AM at Cedar Haven;
bulletOther Wednesdays, 9:30 AM, Room 207, Municipal Building.
bulletFor handicap assistance or to be given priority on the agenda, contact the Board of Commissioners at 274-2801, extension 2202.

Department Assignments:

Carpenter Swanger Arnold
Area Agency on Aging Children & Youth Ag Extension
Assessment City of Lebanon Chamber of Commerce & LV Economic Development Corp
Building & Grounds Elections Conservation District
Emergency Management Agency Management Information System County of Lebanon Transit
Mental Health Mental Retardation Drug & Alcohol Housing & Redevelopment Athy
Planning South-central Employment Corp PA Rainbow Region Vacation B
Veterans Affairs United Way Renova Center

Bank Accounts will be established with: First National bank of Fredericksburg, First Union, Jonestown Bank & Trust, and Lebanon Valley Farmers Bank.

Marc Hess, Chris Kalenoski, Jan Richmond, Janet Simpson, and Edgar Miller were appointed to the Children & Youth Advisory Council.

Joyce Betz, Margaret Garman, and John Meyer were admitted to Cedar Haven.

Proclamations for emergency disaster relief were passed for floods and snow.

The Continuity of Government line of succession for direction and control of activities during a nuclear attack, man made or natural disaster is: Chairman Carpenter, Vice-Chair Swanger, Commissioner Arnold, and Administrator Wogelmuth.

A $20,946 grant for court-related services to domestic violence victims and Protection from Abuse plaintiffs was submitted for the District Attorney to the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency.